Mobile Minutes: From Home

Greetings from the confines of a living room, a sleeping cat, and a random Gold Finch dropping seeds on my patio outside.

I’m typing from home.

Over the past two days my body has been rather difficult to deal with. On each occasion I’ve been wrecked with horrible migraines that started in the beginning of the day, and lasted all of the way back to my dark, quiet apartment. Last night, whatever we had for dinner, didn’t go over well either resulting in myself being awoken at 5:00 AM with a horrible stomach ache…and a migraine.

Between the head pain and today’s stomach pain I kept the car keys on the table and worked from home. One way to the office is 90 miles. Meaning, that once I get there, if I already have a head ache brewing, I’m going to be toasted for the rest of the day.

I’m still working from home; ranting about Google+, TweetDeck issues, and everything in between, but my head just isn’t having it this week. I’m curious if it is because my contacts should be replaced, the lighting in the office, or allergies. I haven’t had this problem before at the office, so I don’t see lighting being the issue. Allergies, I’m on medication for. Contacts do need to be replaced.

Regardless of the problem, I’m blessed to have a job that I can stand from a distance and continue to work without anything being in the way (minus the cat scratching at the window for the birds outside).


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