Mobile Minutes: Tag You’re It

Warning: Graphic my be sensitive to anyone named “Beth” …

Don’t live in that neighborhood. It’s rough. Lots of parties and cars being broken into…

That’s what I heard when I moved into my first apartment. However, you take risks when something comes cheap. Needless to say today was met with more of a sigh of disappointment versus anger and rage.


So my truck was a victim of poorly attempted graffiti.
I’m still trying to understand if this was visual instructions for someone named “Beth” or in a drunken stupor (or public school education from this city) someone forgot to add the important “C”, and I’m still not sure why a picture of earbuds were drawn with two eyes on the side…

Beth, music watches you…
Beth, I want to see your music…
Beth, I’m drunk, have you seen my earphones…

I suppose each option are feasible given the environment.
Oh well…Darco is filing the papers (*rim shot*) with the local police, and I’m seeking insight on removing marker from stainless steel.
I so forgot what wedges felt like…


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