Mobile Minutes: Father’s Day Fun

7:00 AM…I’m in the gym…
8:00 AM…I’m finishing new graphics for a client
8:45 AM…Out the door with a smoothie, compliments of Darco, and my new Green Lantern shirt, also compliments of Darco…
9:45 AM…In Sunday School (again!) talking World Cup and Christianity, something that tends to not go together
10:30 AM…Finished a Father’s Day post on God’s Not Fat (it’s a pretty good memory, and a good read, I’d suggest it)
12:00 PM…Out the church, heading to the ‘rents place…
12:25 PM…Jim learns his gift is to build a gazebo for his grill (it’s awesome)
12:26 PM…Instructions to said gazebo are discarded
1:55 PM…Monster KC Strips steaks are ready, I’m low on protein, and even devoured the potato salad
3:45 PM…Sunburnt and finishing the gazebo, receive word that our next task is to install a window A/C unit…I cry to myself (and my sweat soaked Green Lantern shirt)
4:45 PM…A/C unit in, world is tired, Darco and I head home
8:15 PM…Just…woke…up hoping Jim had an epic Father’s Day


One pole has a built in bottle opener...


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