Mobile Minutes: Upcoming Excerpt

It’s 13 days away, but I’m getting super pumped for the next chapter of FilingThePapers [that and I’m sick of cleaning things up]. So, tonight I figured I’d provide a taste of what the next two years may have in store for the reader [and give you the fair opportunity to jump ship now]. Enjoy…

It’s 95°F in the shade. Some random, elite, youth track club for the summer has taken over the loan rubber track in the city, and I’m four days away from my first race since being on injury for the past several weeks.

This is life.

After a grueling two miles of running and two miles of walking and an hour of weights afterwards in the gym…it’s 10:00 PM and I haven’t seen my wife, and I haven’t even had dinner.

This is life.

My shirt is soaked, I’ve already rung (rung?) it out twice at the gym. There’s no hope for it. I’ve blasted through 1000 calories in the past two hours, not minding the salt loss also, and I’m starving. Just ran out of almond milk, the new protein powder is made from hemp and it tastes like grass (‘vanilla’ is a lie). It’s 10:15 PM and my wife is already asleep, I’m washing blenders and bottles because those are the two dishes we use the most now. I’m dreaming of ice for my feet, but my stomach overrides the pain.

This is my life.

As I lay down on the couch, ice packs in tow, and smoothe-de-grass in hand I ponder the million reasons why I put myself through this. It’s June, the real life hasn’t even started yet. This is just the warm-up. However, as I force down the protein infused smoothie, a requirement just for the sake of the muscles used in lifting tonight, I dream up the reason I started this new adventure. I think of my random daydreams, my random thoughts, and my random destiny that lies ahead. It puts my heart at ease, knowing I’m finally following God’s desire, plan, and gift…even if it doesn’t make the smoothie taste any better.

Looking forward to July 1, 2014!


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