XO: Finally

I think this’ll most likely be the last “XO” post at http://www.filingthepapers.com. I can firmly able to say that I’m ready to see “XO” fade off into the sunset (or tragically burn in a fire…either really works).

FilingThePapers is finally clean again; the months entries have been organized for the most part. There are five days left until the next chapter is ready to launch, so please excuse if the site goes down, disappears, has spelling errors, or posts random photos of the “dark one”.

It was a fun run, that section of “XO”; summed up the chapter really was just a painful lesson in growing up. It stood its ground when dealing with family, finances, the future, and most importantly…failure. By the cultures standings “XO” really left at the end of a pretty sour note. The Kansas City Shock failed, Darco didn’t get the promotion (yet), we signed another nine month lease…there isn’t necessarily some eye-opening “WOOT!” moment to “XO”. There were more revisits of who I once was in this chapter compared to others. Getting engaged, married, and living off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a few weeks in August definitely reminded me of the past. There were moments I was fearful that Darco would just give up on me, we left our ‘church body’ in search for something new, and I took a life-changing job.

It really did revolve around getting a ‘second chance’ and making the right choices versus the mistakes that plagued my previous life.

The other image of “XO” was learning to calm down, and focus on single tasks instead of trying to take on the entire world at once. Just because you were born doesn’t mean you are entitled to rule the world and become the next pop sensation. Sometimes it means you raise a family, have a nice life, a calm job, and give thanks for the small things in life. That’s a proverb that I’ve had to explore over and over in the past year. God kept shutting these ‘massive doors’ in order to get me to understand the importance of internal peace. It’s that age old thought,

You can’t save the world if you’re not already saved yourself…

So with this final page; I honestly take a deep breath of fresh air. It’s kind of nice knowing that “XO” is over, and that a new chapter is starting (though it’s actually been in play for quite a while). A peaceful family vacation is set for next week, a real vacation mind you, and it’ll also be nice to allow that to be the springboard to the next chapter.

It’ll be different versus “X”, “O”,  and “XO”. There isn’t as much questioning to life, as there is demonstrating and showing discipline and faith. It’s not so much as asking, “Why God?”, as it is saying, “Yes Father.” As always there’ll be plenty of mistakes, but this next chapter mind you is two years long compared to the previous three being one year a piece. There’s logic to it, I promise, and I know some of you dear readers will figure it out before others.

As always thanks for hanging out at FilingThePapers, and getting lost in this random world of thought. You are a blessing (most of you at least), and I’m glad that my own strange life could have some sort of positive affect to your own.

Onward to chapter four!

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