XXXI: Endless Dreams

God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.
-Chariots of Fire-

Dearest Reader,

Welcome to “XXXI”, the fourth installment of thought at After careful prayer, determination, outlining, and working with my wife; we’re thrilled that today we can bring you this exciting new chapter. Unlike “X”, “O”, and “XO”, “XXXI” is going to take a different path of insight and thought.

For the past three years much of my internal thoughts and writings have been primarily focused around getting back on my feet after falling so hard. Without God’s grace the life I have now would have never transpired, and to Him all credit will always be given. I have no choice in the matter, as His humbled servant it’s my obligation to ensure that my Creator is given the acknowledgement of all things great. After learning, meditating, and growing over the past three years “XXXI” is going to take what’s been learned and intertwine it into a common theme.

I want to run. The spiritual journey that I’ve taken throughout the many years of life that I’ve been given has allowed me to see one continuing thought process; when I want to worship, I mean give it all to my God, when I want to ‘light it up’ for Christ (insert another Jesus t-shirt motto here), I run. It isn’t always fast, it’s never pretty, but it’s the great connector. This is my bridge between myself and my Father, and I want to grow it to a capacity unknown for the human condition.

Running for me isn’t just about fitness, or health, it’s my prayer and my offering. “XXXI” reaches into the true soul of each stride, each drip of sweat, and brings about an encouraging desire for every person to find their offering, and to refine for God’s glory.

“XXXI” will explore the frustrations of training, dealing with race day, avoiding the annoying temptations of nasty food choices, and embracing what makes a person move in motion to honor their Father. Understand that this isn’t a dieting blog, and realistically it really isn’t a health blog. It’s the continuation of an incredible spiritual journey of myself. When I was at my lowest, between February and June of 2011 I was incredible overweight, extremely unhealthy, and I couldn’t even more a distance of half a mile within 13:00:00. Through “X”, it was shown some of the weight loss events and running habits that were built in order to dash the temptations and scars of the past. Now, we’re just building from that momentum. Gaining strength, gaining energy, and most importantly…establishing a stronger course of self-discipline. It means training twice a day throughout the week, which means a training session at 6:00 AM throughout the work week. It means balancing life, love, work, and running. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with a wife that’ll deal with me toe-to-toe on several issues (you’ll also learn that she’s in control of the majority of things that I eat now).

With all this type it’s worth noting that things such as “Mobile Minutes” are here to stay, and there’s plenty of random day-by-day news to share throughout the next two years. It is kind of hard to properly summarize exactly how “XXXI” is designed, but as I’ve noted several times already; I’m very excited for it, and it’s going to be a great adventure.

You may have noticed throughout the past few months that there have been a few changes in the household; Darco and I have kicked out gluten, dairy, and refined sugars from our kitchen. Eating at restaurants has drastically slowed down, and if I do not have a protein smoothie in the morning for breakfast my day is completely wrecked (it’s that serious). I’ve been off my feet for the past month due to a nagging Achilles injury acquired in the end of May. This upcoming weekend I’m heading back out for my first race since May, a four mile journey on July 4, 2014 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and a large seven mile race in Iowa at the end of July. Darco and I are scheduling a crazy half-marathon with Jo in Sweden next May, and the Hot Chocolate 5K in December of this year. Outside of those races though, I’m not spending the next two years aiming for 5K races, performing in them, or anything of the nature. My body is very, very comfortable at a 1500-1600 meter distance. It’s where I feel optimal, all the muscles in my legs are firing, my breathing pattern is fast but relaxed, and I know that with two years of training I can acquire some staggering times off of those runs. Those conversations are for a later time though.

That’s plenty of information to start out “XXXI”, and I’m thankfully, grateful, and blessed that so many of you have stuck around to see grow into what it is. Frankly, it’s still mind blowing that we’ll be crossing the 30,000 viewership threshold this month (I’m still debating t-shirts), and that’s only because God is good.

Time for bed, training starts early tomorrow and I like my sleep.

Welcome to “XXXI”, the beginning of something incredible.


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