Here’s some hard truth for you (really for us)…

Since the demolition of the Kansas City Shock, and probably a little before that, Darco and I have been attempting to get finances back on track within our household. I want to let you know that if there is something that I struggle with greatly it is easily money management. When I don’t have any, that’s when I see everything that I could ever want to purchase. I know that I’m not the only one in this position, but I’m just showing you what goes on in my head.

Anyways, we’ve set a ‘coffee allowance’ throughout the past several months. I get $10.00 for the week for a morning cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Lately, in order to make timely payments on several bills, I’ve been trying to reduce that allowance ($10 adds up over time), and will Dunkin currently offering $.99 iced coffees (since that’s all I can drink now), it was doing well. However, as I began to look into this week I noticed that we were going to be close on several items all at once. Who else hates the beginning of the month?

I knew I had a free coupon in my wallet, and maybe a few quarters to grab one drink, but the rest of the week was up in limbo (you can mark this #getyourpraiseon moment under #firstworldproblems).

Yesterday, while doing what I do on Twitter, I tweeted a photo of my office with a cup of Dunkin Donuts on the desk:

There wasn’t a lot of thought behind it, but I do enjoy chatting with the franchise inside Kansas City.
What I didn’t expect was to receive a $5.00 gift card from them for posting that photo, that happened later last night. $5.00 gets me through this week, plus a coupon for BOGO on iced coffee/tea drinks via my DD Perks card, and that I’m two punches away from a free coffee of my choice; we’ll make it.

Yes, this is laced with all sorts of spoiled American thoughts, but you know what I’ve learned? Even the most random, simple things ought to be given praise. It’s just the kind reminders that God’s hanging out with us.


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