Mobile Minutes: Time Trials

It’s nothing serious, I promise.

I’ve had my smoothie for breakfast (it’s not artificial stuff…it’s peanut butter [raw], two bananas, some almond/coconut milk blend, hemp protein, and ice). Ate my salad for lunch, and it’s nearly 4:00 PM and I’m starving! I’m currently the watchman at the office since everyone else is gone, that’s no problem, minus the fact that I’m wasting away.

This evening I’ll be introduced for the first time in…nine years to time trials. It’s nothing extreme, but I do have to get a real, accurate 1600 meter time in order to adjust my training for proper productiveness. I’m just praying that I can hit a 1600 meter under 10:00.00. It’s that point where you’re excited, but you’re also dreading it because you don’t want to be disappointed with your results. Considering I’ve only been at this for a few months, including a injury plagued June, I don’t really expect much today. I’m going to run my guts out, which sounds strange since I’ve been working over the past weeks to learn how to conserve fuel, and it’s going to feel terrible. I already picture my legs feeling like lead, my breathing being strained, and struggling to finish the last lap complete.

This is the reality that I face. Just because I believe that God designed me as a runner, doesn’t mean that currently I’m up to par with that expectation. I suppose tonight will revolve around another humbling experience of being a human.

With that said, I’ll be using every trick I know in my head to get that extra edge. If there’s one area that I’m still trying to get a better grasp of, off the physical side of things, is knowing what mental angles to use. Don’t get me wrong, there have been enough people in my life already that have given me enough excuses to overcome anything, but I don’t necessarily think that, that hatred is wise to utilize to move. Replace bitterness with peace? It’s still something in the works.


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