XXXI: Out of Sync

Today, as a whole, made absolutely no sense. It was some disastrous day, but man…it was a strange, very long one.

Note: Grab popcorn

Now, I love my job. It’s fun, exciting, and challenging. It is a job where I forget that, well, it’s a job. However, to access the office that is so dear to my heart it requires a 86 mile one way trip. Even with my lovely little Mazda3 that’s still a lot of ground to cover, nearing 180 miles a day. That means we, as a family, spend a lot of money on fuel.

Factor in that I was successfully screwed by my student loan company a few weeks ago, and we had to make some drastic decisions, and promptly. Darco and I took a serious hit last week when we were required to make a payment that we hadn’t planned on to this student loan company (the details are annoying and lengthy). That meant we had to survive the past week leading up to my paycheck. The student loan payment crashed our bank account, but I still had to work. We managed to beat the system with the gas station by knowing when it has a $1.00 hold versus an immediate withdraw from your account (don’t tell me you’ve never done that). So, we were skating by on free coffee and working the system of the pumps.

Until I finally screwed up today.

Today was payday. I got to the office, sixty miles left in the tank, I scooted over to the other office to pick up the check. That knocked me down to around forty miles. While I was on my way back to my original destination I went ahead and deposited my check. That’s where it all went wrong. US Bank, God love ’em, enjoys holding check deposits for days on end. Don’t worry, they’ll give you $200 of your own money to use, but the rest will have to wait. That $200 was immediately soaked up by the computer system to restore our bank account (Note: Remember, we pay $1500 a month in student loan fees…adding an extra payment in any month is very, very dangerous for us).

Let’s do the math:
-US Bank holds the deposited check
-US Bank does free up $200 dollars
-US Bank uses freed up $200 dollars to restore the bank account
-There is 40 miles left of gas in the fuel tank
-My bank account is empty
-I am 86 miles away from my house

This resulted in some fun, awkward messaging dialogues between myself and my wife; trying to come up with ways to find fuel. Ranging from writing a check at a gas station that may also drug me and steal my kidney, to sleeping the night away at the office in the basement next to randomly discovered bottle of vodka and can of Red Bull.

On top of this the main person in charge of the office was in the hospital, and in the end I was the one holding down the fort. Darco called MC, and MC came down with her car to help me get home. Unfortunately, MC not being familiar with the 86 mile trek got lost twice trying to locate me. By this point it was nearing 5:30 PM, I had down lunch three hours prior and thanks to the amount of training, I was dying of hunger.

Upon her arrival, MC saved the day by getting fuel for the Mazda3 (you have no idea how embarrassing it is typing this story, but it was just too good not), and I led her back to the safety and comfort of her town of 1500 people. I arrived at my own home at 8:15 PM. Underfed and already stressed out I switched clothes and headed for the track. The mixture of no energy and the pains of yesterday resulted in a pitiful running session; straight up terrible and full of pain. My body was just completely out of sync, my routine for the day had been thrown off and I was paying the price. I did my weight session afterwards, ranked down there with the running session, and headed home. By 10:15 PM I was frying up random chicken breasts, green peppers, onions, and some random, organic tomato sauce. I mixed it together and called it a meal. Darco was already asleep since she has to be up by 4:15 AM to open the store. It’s midnight and I’m just now laying down on the couch to go through my nightly icing procedures.

Don’t worry, I also made a disaster in the kitchen, spilled the coconut oil, and my cocoa powder, honey, and almond/coconut milk mixture was an absolute fail.

Truly sleep is the safest place to be at the moment. Let us restart, minus the miscues, tomorrow.


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