Mobile Minutes: Hamming It Up

Hamming It Up

It’s the only positive phrase I could think of for the moment.

Across the street from the track that I train at is a rather large, paved hillside. It’s a street that isn’t too frequently occupied with moving traffic. Because of this, and looking at the need to continue to increase in strength and health; I felt today was a great day to concur the hill with some self-satisfying sprint work.

My body did not agree.

I haven’t “sprinted” 100% since my sophomore year of college. During which time I suffered a nasty hamstring injury (from not warming up mind you), and lived in fear of ever approaching that mark again. That was until today, after my first successful series on the hill I came down to refocus. I took off the second time and felt good, so good that without thinking I just kicked in another gear and started sprint up the hill…


And just like that I’m done with running for another week. Sure the weight training stays, along with the core, but my legs are done. I immediately stopped and started walking toward the track, Darco was there so I knew in the worst case she’d be able to help…somehow. Thankfully, immediate thought processes such as “I can walk” and “I can stand” crossed my mind, reminding me that I hadn’t sprained or torn anything within my leg. It just hurt very severely. A phone call to my PT while walking to the track showed a hamstring strain, basically a constant cramp feeling sensation. I’m off the track for a week now, I’m icing the nights away, and I’m taking some anti-inflammatory medication to assist with the swelling. Sadly, driving the Mazda3 hurts like crazy.

While I was chatting with my PT, she reminded me that I run with fear. I’m constantly so afraid of getting injured, especially after the Achilles, that I do not run in my natural form. This is something that I’m not overly sure how to overcome, but will most certainly overcome. These are those moments where faith and fitness blend together; only God can show me around my fears and how to handle them in order to become stronger.

So, I’m sitting on the couch with ice and a hot cocoa. You would to after this frustration. I wanted to kick the dirt, hit something, and yell at the sky. I want to move forward, grow stronger, and not get held up with so many injuries.

Even more saddening…with this injury I’m officially out of the upcoming seven mile race in Iowa next Saturday…


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