Mobile Minutes: Rinse and Repeat

itch, itch, itch…

It’s been like this since Sunday night. While trail hiking on Saturday I managed to conjure up 60+ chigger bites, primarily on my feet, but extending all the way up my waistline. This has caused for a very complicated week.

With my feet taking the brunt of the bites, any movement sends them into a itching frenzy. Meaning…running nearly kills me each day. So, I’ve started to figure out the pattern. If I get home from work, take two Benadryl tablets right away, go work out, and make it home in two hours, the drowsiness won’t kick in until I’m settled at the house. However, that means once I’m home…I’m worthless.

So, I’ve been living off three Benadryl tablets a day this week. By 11:00 PM each night I’m stumbling to bed due to the adverse affects of the medication (I don’t handle ‘make witness drowsiness’ very well). Sleep until 8:00 AM in the morning, and fight the “fog” for another hour. However, it keeps me going.

I get to work.
I get to run.
I get to sleep.

The week has been summed up right there. If you’ve never experienced an attack by chiggers you do not understand the measures that I’m taking right now. I’ve been bit and stung by a lot of things in life, but nothing itches like these bites. Tonight it’s starting to get slightly better, and new bites have stopped showing up. I’m hoping by Friday life will be close to normal.

See, the problem that I’m having is knowing that if I don’t run and I just stay home and try not to scratch…someone else is getting ahead of me. Someone is getting at it, when I should be. That doesn’t settle well in my soul, so in a way the chigger bites have been a fun reminder of Paul and his thorn in his side that he had to deal with. Unfortunately, if you’ve had to interact with me in person this week I’m already sorry for what you may have had to witness.

On a positive note:
With each movement my feet itch, so it’s natural to move my feet more in order to ‘scratch’ them with my shoes (I’m evil). What I didn’t realize until last night was it was forcing my body to stride out and move faster along a track. Meaning…as annoying as they are, the itching from the chigger bites have actually positively assisted in my running form. Who knew?


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