XXXI: Good Things End

All good things must come to an end…

Somebody once upon a time in history said that quote, and it seemed wise to use in today’s reality. It’s Friday, and for the first time in three weeks we have zero plans for the weekend. We’ve traveled the Midwest, gone to a night club, celebrated our anniversary, and just about everything else you can imagine in the past fourteen days.

Time to take a break...

Time to take a break…

While it was good, and enjoyable, it too must end. I look forward to this weekend, getting the apartment rearranged after being gone so much, and ensuring that we’re ready to head into the season of fall. It’s incredible that a new season is already starting to come to mind.

I’m so happy to report that a client I’ve been working on for the past several months is finally starting to appear in organic Google searches. This is a client that I started from scratch with, so it’s been my first ‘real’ test on SEO and analytics at work. Finding this information last night really lifted my heart because I knew no other outside source was responsible for it being able to be viewed online. It just tells me that I do possess a skill set that does work, it just takes time to get momentum moving (especially when it’s new). I look forward to continuing to work on this project and watch it take over page one of Google.

Darco is currently at a pre-assessment for her job. She has another assessment next month to view potential promotion within the ranks of Starbucks. We both know and acknowledge that her promotion would be a massive prayer answered for us. The truth is that her promotion comes with salary and an opportunity to finally get ahead on some of these lingering college student loan issues. We know this, we accept this, and that’s just part of life. Pray for her, that she doesn’t feel the pressure, but instead is excited about a new opportunity.

I’m pleased to report that I’m able to cook. I made a pretty epic pasta last week, and it lasted me throughout the week. I may make it again this week because it is ideal running fuel (perfect, vegetarian lunch). It’s cheap, healthy, and filling; all things that are detrimental for our success. Training has been pretty good, aside from the insane itching from the chiggers, and I had yesterday off. Darco just started a 34 week training program for a half-marathon. If she follows through with it, she’s going to be insane by the time her race is up next May.

We’re slowly, but surely, becoming more and more comfortable at our new church. Each Thursday night we’ve been at a few family’s homes throughout the area talking about planting a new church. Personally (I can’t speak on behalf of Darco), I’m becoming less and less rigid. Combined there are children running everywhere, and even found out on the pastors of the church knows one of the bands I listened to at church camps YEARS ago. It’s things like that are encouraging for me, and to know that we’re involved in different activities and we’re invited to be places throughout the week. Sure, we live nearly 50 miles away from all of these wonderful people, but that’s just it…they’re wonderful people. They all have relatively young families which places the adults a few years older then the two of us, but they’re already establishing a very good model of what having a family is like, and that’s something that we know will be coming down the road in a few years. I consider it all a blessing.

I was driving home last night and I was daydreaming about what I would tell a younger version of myself in 2002, if I could send a letter back in time…
It was sappy, stupid, and full of harsh facts. In the end though, through the past twelve years, it was summed up with a final thought:

You’re going to be broken and ruined. These twelve years will be very hard on you, but know this…
Eventually you’ll wake up with a smile on your face, you’ll look forward to your dream job, and spending a night with your dream wife and a cat alone will seem ideal. You won’t always want to run around because you’ll be so content on the life that you have. Don’t worry, eventually you’ll come to love your life.


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