Mobile Minutes: Onward & Upward

I’ve only got two hours before it’s time to hit the hay, and end this weekend on a quiet, calm, positive note.

Currently Listening: Crywolf-The Home We Made Part II

Looking into the next week I see patterns, and where there’s patterns there is a bit of bliss for myself. Training routine goes back into effect (today was a scheduled rest day), work goes on from morning to afternoon. There’s a project due on Tuesday morning that I’m looking forward to, along with a new home being ready for show on Friday (I hope). I have fresh content for the social media

Yeah...Darco got ink'd during our anniversary.

Yeah…Darco got ink’d during our anniversary.

consulting blog that I’ve been working on in direct SEO correlation with one of my clients. This specific project has been underway for a few months now, and I’m just now starting to see the benefits. Growing things organic in the digital world requires the same patience as it does in the real world, so I’m learning at least. Darco is back to work, and we’re experimenting with some new iced coffee blends at the apartment…this is due to Dunkin Donuts ending their .99 cents medium iced coffees from the summer.

Now that most of the itching is over, I’m ready to get back on the track and focus on the movement and not on my feet. We keep moving. Darco is up for promotion next month, so she’s back to ensuring that she’s got everything covered for that opportunity, and we dream of what the future holds (she’s already planning her celebration tattoo).

Life isn’t easy, and there has been some hard, heartfelt conversations between Darco and myself this past weekend, but heading into Monday…at least on my end, I feel refreshed, and ready to bring on this life. The reality is understanding in the end, while nothing is absolutely perfect, we’ve been given a pretty rocking life. Both together as a couple, but also as just people. We’re always going to inherantly want more in life, but that does mean we should have it. This is especially true if we’re not already grateful for what we currently have.

With that note out of the way, it’s time for some cartoons to help me wind down (please, judge), and call this weekend a quiet success.


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