XXXI: Stay Strange

I wish I could have found time earlier this week to type this post up, it’s actually been sitting in the reserves of my brain for a few days now. I’d love to blame the anime for this, but there’s more to the thought that I’m hoping to reach for in this post; it all revolves around one thought:

Stay. Strange.

Way too many glow sticks on my hands...


While I’ve been enjoying my cartoons at night, there has been a few revelations that have been brought to my attention through the laughing and random comedic routines of all of these series. In several of the shows that I’ve watched there’s been a main character that just hasn’t belonged to the social norm within the environment (usually a classroom), they spend the series debating on whether or not they should change to meet the wants of their peers (and usually a specific someone of the opposite gender), or if they should just keep being the person that they’ve always been.

This undertone is common in the real world of adolescent development, there’s something that’s triggered within the recesses of our mind the says in order to be accepted, we have to be like everyone else. I did it in middle school, in high school, and even in college. Many people reading this thought may be nodding their head in agreement. It isn’t just about being “cool” in class, but also blending in with everyone at work, everyone at the local bar, or even everyone at church…it’s all very similar.

After getting through a few series* it started to become apparent to me that this theme doesn’t stop in college. It continues to move forward into adulthood; not just the “I don’t know what to do with my life, so let’s get married, have 2.3 kids, and buy a two story house”, it extends further into how you spend your weekends, the television shows that you watch, and even the radio station you listen to. Where I live, if you’re not a fan of the NFL…frankly…you have no soul. So much of this thought revolves around what a few have implemented on the many as being acceptable, and from what many have gone about deciding that making their own choice isn’t necessary. Frankly, the way the majority of people vote within our society is reflective to exactly what I’m saying.

So, what’s the relevance?

The truth is; for the betterment of everyone please stay strange. Be honest with your, and hold close to what makes you…you. This isn’t some political advocacy to promote same-sex marriage (it’s so mainstream nowadays, anyways…), or smoking pot, or anything that’s some stupid, irrelevant, trigger-happy topic. It’s about knowing and accepting that you are a freak, period.

God made you that way, God made you in His image, and with that He made you unique. I mean let’s be real, I’m still praying for the day that some random, new Christian music group decides that a ‘bass drop’ inside of a song isn’t going to condemn you to hell, and worship can be worked through a synthesizer just as it can an acoustic guitar at church camp on a Thursday night. I don’t like football, I have no tragic back-story for that, I just don’t have the attention span to watch. Anime cartoons are something that I enjoy, they’re funny, unrealistic, and sure beats the blood, gore, and violence of…CSI, Criminal Minds, True Blood, Flashpoint, NCIS, etc…(most of the time). I laugh because I can relate to a cartoon character and that makes no sense.

God still loves me, and He still laughs at me…and more importantly with me. The Church doesn’t necessarily accept that, but my coworkers do. I’m sure someone frowns that I wind up at a nightclub every so often with my wife, but it sure is fun with the people that are with us.

It’s alright to can food because you enjoy it, and Pinterest is for people (not for others), using social media doesn’t mean you’re a bad Christian, and frankly the Church could lighten up a bit. Flares and smoke bombs are alright at sporting events, as long as they’re not meant for harm. Based from the Bible, I’m always going to say that I don’t agree with homosexuality. Based from the Bible, I’m also going to say that I fight with lust, envy, hatred, lying, and every other flawed, pathetic excuse that resides within my human body.

Reality is this; we’re all messed up. Anyone who feels that they’re over someone else because of how they act, behave, or think is a liar and a fool. I’m going to be the Christian that listens to electronic dance music, who has a wife that loves getting tattoos, and a humorous interest in cartoons that are created in Japan. I run because I love it, and I do it for the pleasure of God. I wear flat bill hats because I can, and that’s alright. I hang out on Facebook because I can, and I’ve been blessed with a job that requires it. That too is alright in my book.

Life is weird, and we need to start accepting that truth instead of the falsifying lies that are portrayed to us daily within our own culture.

Do yourself a solid, stay strange.


*To clarify, I spend around two hours each evening propped up on the couch with ice packs from training. Due to being immobilized, I go forward and just watch some cartoons to kill time.

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