Mobile Minutes: ROLO

I hate close calls.
In my head I thought that colds were best handled with hot showers and hot tea. Since recovering from my recent ailment I thought a “hot run” would do the body some good also. Especially for being off for a week.
With a heat index of 103℉ I set off from my parents house on a hopefully easy two mile run. Turns out I wasn’t completely recovered.


After dropping into the shade…

At the 3/4 mile mark I stopped, primarily from coughing so much (mucus in the lungs, etc…), and started walking.
That’s when my stomach started to hurt.
That’s when my legs started shaking.
That’s when I started to lose my breath.
Trying to remember the basics of what to do when overheating I found a tree with substantial shade. I pulled my shirt off, and proceeded to fall to the ground. Ripped off my hat, sunglasses, earbuds, and had my phone ready for the dreadful dial (as worse case I always run from my parents house, so I know that I can call someone if something we’re to happen). I grabbed some water and just laid in the shade, wiping my mouth between the uncomfortable dry heaving.
After nearly ten minutes I started the daunting task of walking back to their house.
Upon arrival, legs like rubber, I stepped into the kitchen and sat down. MC said nothing while canning, and I stayed in that position until I finally, full of humility, ask:

Do you have anything to stop the shakes?

Immediately she stopped what she was doing and handed me three gold, tin foil objects with the simple instructions, “Eat these”.


Remember these?

They were Rolo’s, the little pieces of chocolate with caramel in them. I popped them in, and quickly swallowed them. MC went on to explain, like herself, I struggle with low blood sugar crashes. That’s something I’ve always dealt with, and today was no different, just mixed with the excessive heat and congested chest.
After twenty minutes I was feeling a bit more human, and carried on a conversation with MC while working on her stewed tomatoes and pizza sauce. She’s surprisingly receptive of my goals, and some projects that Darco and I are working on. That’s comforting for her only child.
Today was a close one, that’s the closest I’ve been to serious health issues due to running and heat.
Sadly, it just makes me want to work that much harder.


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