Mobile Minutes: Processing Fees

If it isn’t one thing, it’s going to be another…

I had already known that my initial teaching license in this state had expired a few months ago, that was just a bullet I was prepared to bite (I also had a job in a different industry at the time). However, what I hadn’t thought of was that my substitute license for this state also expired (a month ago). In order to hop back in the classroom, after paying $48 for fingerprints…again, I have to pay another $50 processing fee just for the substitute teaching license. It’s the small things that can quickly irrititate me. The term processing fee is, and always will be, a simple excuse for “we want a little bit extra money from you”.

On a similar note…

By the looks of things, Darco and I have both agreed that it’d be best for myself to renew my full teaching license, in the event that I’m ever approached with the idea of teaching full time. This means…*sigh*…starting in January I’ll be enrolling in a collegiate course. Thankfully just one, three hour course, but knowing that equals college all over again is…sickening.


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