Mobile Minutes: Dragon

That’s enough to keep you from falling back asleep…
I’m recounting a nightmare I just had, for the fact that it’s kept me from falling back asleep for sometime now.

I had explosives wrapped around me. Not fearing the concept of death. Similar to the five others that had gone before me, I stepped off the edge and plunged into the water. It was warm, and it wrapped around me like cotton threads. I had no hesitation hitting the button, detonation resulting in my immediate death meant nothing to me. There was pressure, there was light, and then…there was nothing.
Seconds passed before eternity began. I found myself resting in the sky. Before me a black dragon, scales glowing of hot embers. Immediately I approached the beast, and quietly bowed my head:

How may I serve you master?
“You refer to me as master? What honor! Go back down from this place, and hunt down a man. You may bring him to me, or kill him at your will.”
I may kill him on my own? I have your permission?

Like lightning I descended from the sky to the oceans depth, no wings to carry my fall. Upon crashing below the only intent that stirred my conscious was merely one word, “Kill.”
I found the target quickly, a scholarly man residing in a library. The process was fast, him already knowing for why I existed. Upon his slain soul he humorously looked at me, in this new dimension, and considered himself victorious. No matter the life that was ended, the world that was destroyed, the beast that controlled, I could never access this man’s soul. It didn’t belong to me.

It’s a moment in life where you awaken from sleep, and the only thing “logical” to do is pray.
And ask for forgiveness.


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