XXXI: Sock Rock

Let’s talk about socks.

I tear up socks.

Behold..."The Steve"

Behold…”The Steve”

I mean, they have no hope versus myself. Just like any arm band, phone, or music player…my feet sweat just like my hands, and it is acidic. Mix that with constant friction from running, and it makes sense that, that translates to myself tearing through several pairs of socks. On top of that, complimented by the sweating, if the sock survives the run most likely it’ll be so toxic by way of smell that “the dark one” is at risk of death if he sleeps in the dirty clothes again.

As I continued to add mileage to my weekly training routine Darco and I started to wonder if there was a brand of socks out there that we hadn’t heard of that may be durable enough for the risks of my feet. That’s when we noticed through our running account on Twitter that a sock company had started to follow.

The name of the company was strange: Mitscoots

I still do not know what this name means, but it was worth the conversation online about their company to fully understand who they are, and what makes them different. After all, a sock is just a sock, right? Wrong.

Mitscoots assured me that they had a performance pair of socks that could handle my feet, they swore by their product on Twitter, so I took the challenge and ordered up a pair. The socks are made and packaged in Austin, Texas, so those of you who “USA Only”, you’ll be fine with this company.

There is something very unique about this company, outside of their socks, and that’s their business vision. They believe that everyone should have socks, and by everyone they mean everyone. Mitscoots practically called out (or complimented) TOMS shoes because of their policy. When you purchase a pair of socks, they will send a pair for free to a less fortunate individual, with a strong emphasis on the homeless population. It only makes sense that this information struck a special heart-string within my own soul, and added to the pleasure of ordering the socks.

Now, about those socks…
I was able to try them out on a three mile trail in the beginning of August with Darco. By trail I mean it was rugged and hot, and it worked up a great sweat in my shoes (and harbored a full colony of chiggers as well). There’s a few things right from the beginning that makes these performance socks different compared to other ‘low cut’ socks:

  • The sock is actually named “The Steve”
  • Moisture-Wicking (huge win)
  • Added padding in heel and toe
  • Performance arch support (not necessary for us with no arch)
  • Low profile toe seam (big deal when you’re running it turns out)
  • Deep heel pocket
  • Breathable mesh
  • Extended heel pad
  • Visible green stitching
  • Logo is pretty cool

Does that mean a whole lot? Some of those items I learned were nice, but nothing amazing to win me over. However, the low profile toe seam, the stitch that runs across your toes that causes you to think about wearing your socks inside out, is incredible when running. The added padding and deep heel pocket keeps the sock from sliding into my Saucony’s, and like they said, the moisture-wicking and breathable mesh kept the socks and my feet dry and free from an overwhelming stench. In other words “the dark one” hasn’t died when sleeping on these.

I’ve already consulted with Darco, and we’ve come to the agreement that I’ll be replacing my entire sock wardrobe with “The Steve”, if for no other reason…for the sake of our love for one another.

It's alright if you're jealous, just repent.

It’s alright if you’re jealous, just repent.


Mitscoots got me with their performance line up, but they also offer casual and active wear socks as well. Casual are your low cut, penny loafer wearing socks. The active socks though…they feed off the current trend of tall tube socks with strange designs. I would venture to guess that they sell more active socks versus any other style. Five different patterns, one of them a brand new style.

Sorry ladies, I'm already taken...

Sorry ladies, I’m already taken…

Through a Twitter contest (hehe) I actually won a pair of their active socks. Meaning, the 6’5 ogre is walking around with bright, colorful Dr. Seuss style tube socks. I rocked them this past weekend. MC made fun of me (I reminded her that television was still black & white when she was my age), but overall many ‘kids’ loved the style. Again, like “The Steve” you immediately notice the lack of toe seam, making wearing the socks an absolute delight.

Now, why am I chatting up Mitscoots? A few reasons:

  1. I LOVE their business model by way of helping out those who need help…or at least socks…(you can share a pair of TOMS shoes, but without socks they’re pretty uncomfortable)
  2. They called my bluff, and their socks really can stand the test of my brutal feet issues
  3. They’re very comfortable socks
  4. Similar to NumShirt, they’re a small style business that has something that’s pretty stinking cool


You can consider it an endorsement if you’d like, but the only problem with that is that I’m not famous…like…at all.


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