Mobile Minutes: Pathway to Success

While washing an entire house worth of dishes last night I was thinking about work…
You know I just started back as a substitute teacher in the same district I was in last year. In a way it feels like deja vu but in other ways it feels as a testament of God’s patience.

He allowed me to pursue dreams and interest, only to patiently lead me back again:

*I was able to climb the corporate ladder through Subway
*I was able to build and operate my own business
*I was offered a financial dream job by working 24/7 in the social media world

Really, everything I’ve wanted to do God allowed. It didn’t always end like I had envisioned, but it still showed me that God can lead you anywhere with your heart’s desires.

Currently, I’m sitting in a classroom eating some homemade granola (crazy good!), and reflecting on all these adventures since the divorce. In all these cases the classroom was something I turned away from, even if it was my college degree.


I'm so proud of this...

Left a contract when I worked for Subway, and I left a contract when I took the social media job as well. The door was constantly open, but I always found a way to run away.

I’m tired of running.

I’ve been able to live out my reckless dreams, and I’m alright with those adventures being over. It took me five years after graduating college, but I can safely say that I have 100% committed to finally obtaining my own classroom. I have to rebuild my reputation in the district, and I have to go back to college, but I believe those close to me will finally breathe a sigh of relief when I simply say…

I’m ready to teach.


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