Story time:
I’m not country, and I’m not really urban or suburbian…I’m just…here. However, I grew up in a rural, farming community through my childhood.
Relationships, the thing that eluded me through my adolescent years, were based on a few key things:

A. Lettermen’s Jacket…she wears yours
B. Local fair…you’re riding all the rides
C. …ATV’s will hold two riders, she’ll hold you…

You can imagine, being a hopeless romantic I dreamed of all of these scenarios working out…naturally none of them actually formulated.

Until today…

During the recent concert that we attended, we were furtunate enough to have several modes of transportation at our disposal. This included an ATV. With myself being part of the all access crew at the concert, I was frequently found on the ATV cruising through the field…safely. However, my wife was either working at Starbucks or operating the coffee shop at the concert this weekend. This equalled to me rarely seeing her. While that notion was somewhat acceptable I still had the stupid adolescent vision of her cruising with me on the back of the ATV, gripping my shirt as we bounced over the terraces. Practically though, we were never around each other, and my heart was sad just because I thought I’d get that chance.

Nearly thirty minutes before we were ready to pack up and leave, Darco said she needed to pick up her car in the parking lot (a field), so Jim offered to take her up on the ATV. It was my only chance! I calmly told him that I’d take her up after I parked the truck we were in the process of packing.

I hopped on the ATV, and she slid on behind me. Hands around my waist, face buried in my back, and easily the best ten minutes I’ve experienced in my life time.

A lot of things that I thought would be awesome in high school turned out to be warped, failed imaginative ideas as I got older. With that said though…a ride with your girl in the field on an ATV…that is something that’s as good as it sounds.


But first...


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