Please excuse any typos…I’m still trying to get used to this keyboard.

Today successfully cleared up the problems of yesterday, funny how God tends to ensure that those things take place under His time. I spent the morning in prayer and getting ready for school, knowing that my wife was going through an assessment in order to get promoted within her company. It would take the entire school day before I would learn from her that she had been promoted to an Assistant Store Manager within Starbucks, and that she would likely soon be relocating her job into the city south of us.

In other words: God’s going to move us, whether I like it or not.

At the same time I was able to enjoy a pleasant day with some rough students. I don’t know what it is, but the kids that come from a background that’s just a bit more…challenging…is encouraging for me. Perhaps it’s because I know they’re fun, or perhaps it’s because I know that so many people have already given up on them. Thank back to what I said last night, what would it be like if God just gave up on me? They were just a fun group of kids, and I felt blessed being able to be with them today.

Following an entertaining day I found myself at my favorite brewery, talking to the owners and trying to figure out how to go about their new promotional activities. I had made it evident that since losing my job I lost my computer, and all the graphic content that I had been working on for their business. Additionally, there’s that little thing about tearing through five cell phones in a course of two months that was causing me to miss a lot out of life. I truly felt bad for dropping the ball, and I was angry at myself for not living up to the commitments that I had made to these two gentlemen. During these past few days one of them had noted that he had a MAC that he never used, and was curious if I could make any use of it.

Anyone knowing me heading into this knows my strong, strong dislike towards Apple products. On the same token though, I will recognize Apple as making great computers for video editing, graphic art, and other multimedia functions. With all of this out on the table, one of the owners left to go to his house. During his vacancy, his partner told me that they could see their sales being affected directly by how much social interaction was taking place between myself and their customers in the social media world. Frankly, these words of encouragement I’ll hold dear to me for many years to come.

The owner that had slipped out, came walking back in with a massive iMac 10.1 with the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor clocking at 3.06 GHz with 4 GB of memory. Needless to say, especially for a Mac system, this thing can cook. That’s not including the 1920×1080 LCD display also. I’m still not overly fond of the operating system, but I know the specs well enough to know that it blows away anything that I currently own. Additionally, this system is extremely useful for graphic design (I just reinstalled Photoshop). Besides, who goes out of their way to give you a giant computer in order for you to help them? The term blessing doesn’t quite do justice in this case.

Any clue how long it took me to properly 'save' this photo?

Any clue how long it took me to properly ‘save’ this photo?

After stepping out of the store with a full stomach, computer in hand, and dinner for Darco I stopped at the Sprint Store to see about the final solution for ongoing phone issues. For two months I’ve battled five phones malfunctioning for random, strange reasons. Stepping into the same store that I always go to when I have problems, I spoke to the manager, explained my problem, and without even requesting anything I found myself thirty minutes later walking out with a new phone, that’s a new model, and practically a free upgrade in itself (it’s the HTC One M8 in case you’re curious).

In conclusion:
Darco was promoted to Assistant Store Manager at Starbucks, and I wound up with a new phone and a stable, functioning computer due to some very generous individuals. New phone. New job. New computer. Feels like I’m slowly getting back in business, and as always when times are great I have to give credit to God for continuing to take care of us.


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