Mobile Minutes: All Good Things

Door closes.
God says no.
Heart hurts.
Life? Complicated.

My favorite place now feels like a prison, desperately waiting for the bell to ring. I’ve been given word that my last day in this current position is Thursday. My services are no longer required.

It’s my fault. I missed out on a job because I let my certification expire. There is no one else to blame for this disheartening moment.

I crave isolation, darkness, and a way out. I let my heart roam with possibility, only to watch it transcend into disappointment and pain.

I suppose I am my own worst enemy, I’ve extinguished myself with my lack of determination.

Prayers to God move up, praying time will accelerate, hoping that the bell will ring.

Sweet escape, I know your name, let me release my heartache upon your brilliant rays.


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