XXXI: Week’s Worth

Officially I became an employee of the school district on 11/11/2014. Unofficially I’ve been rocking in the same building for well over two months now. However, today marked the end of the first full week in the position that I’m currently residing in.

The result?

What on earth have I been missing out on?

See, the beauty of hanging out with kids all day is being able to remove yourself from the annoying delays and frustrations of the adult world. Though the kids are energetic and dramatic, they’re not nearly as painful to be around. Students make me want to put my hood down, not draw it further over my head and shield my eyes. In only a few days I’ve witnessed kids reach new goals, step out of the special education intervention courses, and have 180 degree change in behavior attributes. These are all things you can’t get from adults. After all, adults know everything, adults see everything, adults control everything (when in reality they control nothing).

After spending enough time with kids it’s no wonder that Jesus spoke about finding ways to be meek like children. Not only is it easier, but it decreases the amount of personal stress that one allows on the body. I’m not worried about paychecks, analytics, deadlines, and the sorts. I’m worried about ensuring that one child is given the opportunity to find out what it is that they excel at. We all have shortfalls, but we also all have areas that we exceed expectations in. We may fail math, but we could excel in public speaking.

I have one student who, behavior-wise, causes immediate migraines for several instructors. However, they love business and each morning they are my ‘apprentice’ in the school store that I run. Where I have one student still working on mastering word comprehension, their reading skills would place them in the upper echelon of storytellers in the high school speech & debate circuit. Sadly though, you know what they’ve heard most of their life? “You do this wrong. You do that wrong. Improve here. Improve there”, but rarely do they hear the praise for what they accell at. How can a generation be nurtured to the point that they’re ready to lead a culture, when they rarely have faith instilled in them at a young age?

I’ve met kids who are homeless, some who forget to bathe, and some who are just plain mean. However, compared to corrupt car businesses and stressful corporate positions I cherish and harness their frustrations. They’re growing, maturing, aging and sometimes that hurts. It isn’t about necessarily doing the work for them, but being at the side when they need that extra push. I personally believe that we don’t take training wheels off of kids earlier in the realm of academia. Force them to swim, but be sure to be right there when they start to sink. And they will sink, miserably in some cases, but if they know that there is security and safety available for when they do, they’ll likely try again…and again…and again…and again…until they achieve their mission. Make no mistake, kids are goal driven creatures. They like knowing that there is something to achieve (why do you think so many enjoy games that involve the phrase ‘level up’)?

I know it isn’t perfect, and I’m going to have rough days…trust me, I already have. With that said though, it definitely is a safe environment for even myself to continue to dream, think, and establish new ideas and theories. I get to study humans all day, it doesn’t get much more entertaining than that.

Outside of trying to understand adolescence, and figuring out where they go wrong in adulthood, life is pretty entertaining at the moment…

Darco is spending her time working up her own corporate ladder with Starbucks, while ensuring that our health insurance remains awesome. We’re commuting down south into the city together each morning, and counting down the days until we finally move in May of ’15. I’m still in the ‘injured reserves’ list for running until January 1, 2015, but after taking some time to completely, 100% rest I’m ready to get back into the action…even if that means no running. I’ve even found a recipe for tofu that I’m banking on for tomorrow. I definitely don’t want to run just to run in ’15. I want to win, and I’ll even take it a step further.

I want a shoe contract. Nothing fancy, nothing huge, just being able to mark it off my list of ‘things I’ve done’. I’m hoping for Saucony, but in order to grab their attention I’m going to have to win. Thankfully, I enjoy the 1500m-5000m. Meaning I’m not in the super long distance events that people compete in for Saucony’s attention. Jo is cranking numbers back in Sweden to give me exact portion measurements for food throughout the day. The idea is to turn food into science and into energy. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy food, but I’d enjoy winning a whole lot more. These next six weeks are a great time for me to buckle down exact numbers, and get ready to kill spring training when it arrives in ’15.

I still do a little social media marketing on the side for some friends and their brewery. I’m dedicating a bit more time to them during the week, this is especially true since I’m in a routine at work finally. We’re going to see how big we can grow their online image heading into their one year anniversary. Monday evenings are meetings at the brewery, Tuesday nights are anime club at school, and Thursday nights are for Bible study. I have next Wednesday, Thursday, Friday off along with the weekend for Thanksgiving break, so Jim, MC, Darco, and myself will be traveling south for a family reunion (and to make Darco run in a race). Saturday’s are usually for cleaning and laundry, Sunday’s are spent at church and my parents house. We nearly have the week loaded up without including training sessions, but that’s alright…we’re young, right?

The only problem I tend to have throughout the work week is having the energy to type up the million thoughts crossing my mind at night. I think that’s a good problem to have, but I’m still trying to make a commitment to do more for FilingThePapers.

Finally, in random thought I’m still working on “Last American Runner” and trying to figure out how Darco and I can provide inspiration, motivation, and tips for anyone who’s looking to be healthier. That’s still in development, and someday the shirts I’ve designed will be printed up and sold…that’s a dream for now.

With all of that said, I’m almost to the point that I’m typing with my eyes shut again.

That exhaustion tells me that I’m truly living.


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