Mobile Minutes: Saturday Seclusion

A day to sleep in…
A day to recover…
A day for bad news…

These are my Saturday’s in a nutshell. With my job going Monday through Friday, and Darco working Saturday mornings, the beginnings of the weekends have really opened up a bit. While I do spend some time cleaning, prepping, most of it frankly is spent lounging and relearning how to catch my breath from the week before. Sunday will be the day that I begin the preparation for the upcoming week. Sadly, sometimes Saturdays are also times to put out fires and try to establish control and balance to this life.

As would frequently be the case, I received a phone call this morning from MC about one of my student loans. While I’ll avoid the details I can assure you that a potentially very stressful time is beginning to form. I can’t express in words how stressful dealing with student loans are. You’re frequently misguided, proper information isn’t shared from the lender to the borrower, and as anyone can tell you…no one is ever kind. I’m holding my breath, counting to ten, and trying to figure out what I’m going to do come Monday when I have to make some phone calls to one of the lenders. I’m sure anyone who reads this blog knows that I took a pay cut from my previous job to now to the lump sum of around $30,000 per year. Take that and factor it in with the outstanding loans and you can imagine that my blood pressure needs checked frequently throughout the week.

Like any good American citizen I’d love to blame “X”, “Y”, and “Z” for these problems, but even knowing the ramifications kind of makes me happy. I don’t know if Darco will completely agree (though she was warned prior to us even dating). Understanding the loan system in the United States is important, for me it shows that while I borrowed for college, due to these loans there’s a high likelihood that I’ll never have a credit score that would allow me to borrow from the banking system again. The truth is, it’ll probably be nearly ten years before Darco and I can even begin dreaming of owning a home. If it hadn’t been for who I was working for at the time, we would have never been able to purchase the car we currently have. Credit cards? My credit score is so low that I don’t even receive junk mail about being preapproved.

Again, while I was once embarrassed by this reality, now…I’m actually glad.

Yes, you understood me correctly. I’m glad that my credit score is absolutely awful.


Because it guides me down a path of Biblical instruction. This is a safety net that keeps me from being able to borrow anything from anyone. I pay primarily cash, and I rarely even use our bank account (debit card). I haven’t touched a credit card in nearly six months, and I’m budgeting monthly to ensure that we can purchase food, fuel, and living expenses (rent, student loans, etc…). While this whole experience is painful and frustrating, it really has calmed any desire I had for financial security. I love telling students that I’ve had my dreams met when it came to money, only to have more problems. I truly like living a life when money isn’t everywhere, credit lines are eternal, and you have to work very little for so much. That’s really not that great of a life I learned.

I suppose that today’s phone call I’d rank up in the category of “#getyourpraiseon” when giving it further thought. Obviously, I don’t want to deal with the potential downfalls that could take place if action isn’t taken (I’ll let you read in between the lines for that one), but I still feel blessed that rather by design or not, God is ensuring that I will finally following His direction on financial responsibilities.


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