XXXI: Double Edged Sword

I’m still on a learning curve, and I fear that I’m going to be here for a while. Part of the experience that comes with hanging out inside a middle school all day is rearranging my day-t0-day and hour-by-hour schedule. Praise God that I’m actually injured and out of the running for a few weeks because this evening perfectly captured the learning that I’m still trying to process.

It’s currently right around 45 minutes from where I live to where I work, that’s not a bad drive but factor in school starting at 8:05 AM and myself needing to report in at 7:30 AM, and a 5:30 AM wake up call is no completely unheard of. Recently I’ve become rather accustomed to waking up at this time, but it also means that it requires a earlier time of going to bed. Without that in place my day, and especially my evening, is a complete wreck. At 8:30 PM currently I’m typing this as a child that learned a valuable lesson.

I was suppose to train today. However, it only would have worked if I had gone to my marketing meeting directly after work, left at an appropriate time, cooked dinner, allowed time to digest, and went to the gym. If I had completely my training prior to 8:30 PM there would have been plenty of time to unwind prior to needing to head to bed to ensure the seven hours of rest. That’s an ideal plan that is possible. This only works though if the individual implementing said task is self-disciplined to the point of being able to execute all of these requirements…

The meeting happened, but at the meeting I was to try new options inside the restaurant…including dinner. That delayed my arrival of picking up Darco from her work (5:30 PM), and I had already had dinner. By 6:40 PM we had made it back to where we live and had found food for her. Frustratingly, while waiting for my meal to digest, I fell asleep for a solid hour, waking at 8:05 PM. By the time I would have changed, traveled, and started in the gym it would have been 8:35 PM. This would have meant that my workout would have been done around 9:45 PM at the earliest, and would have meant sleep wouldn’t have been possible until 11:30 PM-12:00 AM which then equals 5 1/2 to 5 hours of sleep. That’s a dangerous gamble.

This is the point where I take 100% responsibility for being irresponsible. I am also very grateful know if there was a time to get my schedule and disciplined self in gear now is the time of the year to do it. I went hard in training on Friday and Saturday, including weighted boots while outside hunting as well. This resulted in a very sore Achilles on Sunday and transferred over to today. Meaning….another day of rest isn’t necessarily bad. I just believe I could have been more productive with my time.

Because of this, I’m thinking in my head right now how to handle the rest of the week in better style:

-5;30 AM to 3:00 PM: School
-3:00 PM to 4:30 PM: After School Activities (ANIME CLUB!)
-4:30 PM to 5:15 PM: Travel Home
-5:15 PM to 5:45 PM: Cook Dinner
-5:45 PM to 7:30 PM: Eat Dinner/Digest
-7:30 PM to 7:45 PM: Travel to Gym
-7:45 PM to 8:45 PM: Training Session
-8:45 PM to 9:00 PM: Travel to Home
-9:00 PM to 10:15 PM: Recover/Relax
-10:15 PM to 5:45 AM: Sleep (7 1/2 hours with 1/2 hour built in flex)

We’ll give it a shot tomorrow. With Darco having the day off that’s one less factor that could complicate the process. Part of the reason we place an emphasis on ensuring that all dishes in the kitchen and laundry are cleaned during the weekend is due to our Monday through Friday being insane. This is also why holiday’s drive me insane, it’ll quickly throw me out of sync for the immediate future.

Now, I’m going to drink a ton of water and get ready for rest, readying myself to kill it tomorrow!


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