It’s easy to recognize that I can stress myself out…rapidly. It’s hard being in a school you love, but not technically in a classroom of your own. It causes questions:

How is this going to work?
Will I fall short, again?
Am I going to be forgotten?

They’re all questions that echo through my head throughout the day.

However, God is still watching over me in this insane world of adolescent academia.
-Received a new shirt (noted above) from one of the honor clubs in the school. Didn’t ask or anything, just had it offered. You have no idea how special this makes me feel.
-Have been added to a behavioural-reward research group that meets Thursday mornings. I get to be in meetings!
-I was suggested to check out running a study hall session 3rd Quarter after school for 6th graders by a 6th grade teacher. That’s comforting enough to know that I’m not lost yet.

The Lord knows I’m trying, but doubt is a difficult for.


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