XXXI: In Step

This is the second attempt to type this post, as the first one vanished into nothing for some strange reason…*cough, WordPress, cough*

Today, I felt for a change that the impossible was real. With a few quick steps and a deep breath I could feel my mind accept the reality that I don’t have to live by the world’s expectations. Each step that landed I could feel my soul swell, my heart race, and my legs demand more from the life I call my own. I felt powerful and strong. I felt God and it was beautiful.

The truth is that the weather was nice enough to visit the local track to run. It was my first time out since 2014, and my first day doing any form of sprinting since my Achilles injury. I did a simple 4×400 routine. It was the third 400 though that caught me off guard. I had rounded the fourth corner and headed down the final straightaway and I could feel my body demand more from my soul. Almost as if it was saying, “We can do more than this”. I could feel my thighs taking over for my calves, my hips forcing my legs to stretch out behind and in front of my body, and I glided across the finish line. It was a short, very short moment, but that memory will forever be engrained into my mind.

I was fast. I was strong. I was recovering. My body isn’t even remotely close to 100%, but after that series I spent another hour and a half in the gym, including another light mile run. I could have kept going. I had to tell myself to get off the treadmill to prevent injury. I could have easily gone two, three, four miles without stopping. I was zoned out, spaced out, and lost in my own mind. The meters ticked by without my notice, and my feet just meshed in rhythm.

Everything was beautiful.

Granted, at the moment I can barely move my legs. My body is a wreck and I’m grateful I’m not training tomorrow.

This must be why people dreamed of flying. While I never left the ground, the sensation was so overwhelming for a split moment I felt as if I could do anything. It makes me want to push hard, go longer, become stronger. It makes me think that even for a winless soul like me, I can finally win something for the right reason.

I finally feel as if I can be in step and communicate effectively with my God.


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