XXXI: Time Travel

The weeks are beginning to blur together. Occasionally I’m beginning to hear, “Don’t burn yourself out”, and there have been a few days in the past two weeks that Darco and I have seen each other awake for a total of two hours in one day.

I suppose this is what it means to be working in your 20’s. The scary part that I’m beginning to notice is that when you’re in a job that you love, and I mean love, you tend to get so wrapped up in it that it can consume your day (and night). Insanely, this applies to myself and Darco. In her case it’s all about Starbucks. The kid lives, breathes, and owns* Starbucks. She’s currently an Assistant Store Manager, but we just learned her meeting in March will determine if she’s ready to move to a full time store manager position. I love hearing stories about her day, and how so many store managers throughout her district ask about her, and how in some cases she’s even becoming the model ‘trainee’ when working towards running one’s own store. I’ll never tell my students, but in many ways she’s the exact example of why people can be very successful even without wasting…spending time in college.

On a similar note, just with the college debt, school is insane. Last week I went home directly from school on Friday. That was the only night. Every other night I was working with middle school basketball, study halls, or in all honesty just goofing around (while off the clock). I’m told frequently to go home, but just roaming the halls is a fun experience. Personally, I think it’s because I get to dream when I walk the halls. I get to envision my lectures, the workshops, the meetings, the classroom design, the ambience, the tests, the praises to the students, etc…I can easily get caught up in the moment, and what eventually a moment could be.

I’ve experienced all sorts of amazing events. I work with a student that struggles with reading, but I learned on Thursday that they understand and love the game of chess. On Friday, as an award for their hard work, they nearly wiped the table with me on a friendly game**. It’s so neat to find out the passions of the students, and to show them that excitement can be in the classroom, but life exists outside of it as well. More importantly, as an educator, I recognize that life exists outside of the classroom. Furthermore, as I’m typing this I’m thinking about it, I’m giving a speech to the entire 8th grade on February 9th. It’ll be about social media and overall the importance of being able to speak publicly and with style. Deep down, I’m extremely nervous as it’s something I haven’t really done since I was much younger. I’ll give it my best, I just hope I don’t forget a quote. I’m also in my own class at the moment; a week ago I started a college course through the University of Phoenix. It revolves around the curriculum of of middle schools. A few things I’ve noted; (A) I still cannot stand being in school as a student, (B) though that may be the case, I’m absorbing everything I read. It’s been nearly five years since I last took any form of course for academics, so I’m able to see how much my study habits (or lack there of) have changed over time. Frankly, not much has changed, except that I’ve learned how to highlight notes inside my text book. Truth is, I’m really budy swamped with plenty of bookwork and scholar activities…and I’m loving it.

On the personal front of life, I’m praying that my feet get better. I’ve talked with Darco, and we’ll be shipping me to a joint specialist soon to see what can be done with my still-aching Achilles. I may or may not have been on some pain medication tonight, but just so I knew exactly where I was outside of that pain I hopped on our long distance treadmill and cranked up the speed.I stretched out, held my form, and just went for it.

I felt perfect. My cardio isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely a large improvement from the past. My shoulders and upper body are much stronger thanks to my weight lifting regimen over the past several months. My legs…my legs feel good. They’re solid, my knees don’t swell anymore, and I have full flexibility. If my Achilles was 100% I would be very curious where my mile and 5K times currently sit. While I may not look it, this is easily the healthiest and most fit I’ve ever been (that’s a big difference from the skinniest I’ve ever been). I’m looking at races in Arizona and in New York this year, both of those being highlight marque events. The New York race is a US Track & Field sanctioned event, and it is the distance of one mile. It’s in the ffall, but I’m already anxious to get to that point.

Life is flying by. January is already over, teaching contracts start talks in March, my class ends in March, Darco is up for promotion (again!) in March, our lease is up in May (meaning we’re finally moving), a race in Arizona in July, a potential mission trip in July, school starts back up in August, and life continues. It’s just crazy how busy we’ve become in the past couple weeks. We’re not complaining, though our bodies are, but it’s something that’s hard to adjust to. We’re eating nearly 88% of our meals at the apartment now, gas continues to run cheap, and our taxes are already set to be filed for last year. Bills are being paid, and we have food in the fridge. The cat is absolutely insane, and God continues to be good. Darco and I are continuing to work towards being more involved Biblically, and I can confess that for myself that isn’t the easiest thing to do. However, it’s something that she specifically asked for, and it’s something that I need to specifically work on.

How’s that for rambling?

This is one the longest periods I’ve gone from accessing FilingThePapers, and I hope I can make a solid commitment to not that happen again (login issues on my phone while I’m away from the computer).

Now, if you’ll excuse me for the night, I’m most definitely sick and I can’t afford to miss school on Monday, so I have NyQuil, hot tea, and a comfy bed waiting for me.


*The amount of cup and glasses in our apartment is unreal…
**I have eight of their pieces, they have seven of mine…

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