Mobile Minutes: Wake Up!

If you’re reading this you get to bare with my temporary insanity for the night while I try to explain the rationale behind some of my off tangent thoughts.

Today I’ve been balancing three things throughout the day (and I woke up in the morning also for a change): working on a speech, homework, and “Wake Up, Girls!”

The first two are rather self-explanatory. The speech has me nervous because I have to present it four times next Tuesday in front of seventy five seventh graders each go around. While that shouldn’t necessarily mean much, I don’t like disappointing an audience so I have to know my content. As for homework…I’m still catching up from being sick over the past week. About “Wake Up, Girls!”…

It’s just another anime series that I’ve started to watch in my free time. The genre that it sits in revolves around music, drama, and inspiration. The theme is about a ‘idol’ group that is trying to make it big in Japan while starting from scratch. Now, an ‘idol’ group is similar to the current trending Billboard Top 40 here in the United States. They’re groups of several women performing together on the stage. One of the most notables in real life is AKB48. I enjoy watching these kind of series because they all have to do with motivation, being against the odds, and trying to do something to make a splash in this world.

While I don’t necessarily crave the spotlight, there is still a burning desire to do something great at the international level. That’s why, aside from being sick, I’m constantly in the gym. I keep dreaming of doing something amazing with the body that God gave me. While so many people get caught up in dramas, murder mysteries, and other questionable shows (my wife is currently in bed watching the entire series of PsychoPass while she recovers from being sick, my stomach won’t let me watch that series), I just like the shows that in some strange way, even animated, that I can find a way to relate to.

Broken down, I am a young man who watches music oriented anime shows that show inspiration through perseverance and never giving up even when the chips are down.

Yep…that makes complete sense…


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