I’ve become that student…
Earlier today I was awaiting my assignments to be graded by my professor. I was startled to see that I only received 5 out of 14 points for my primary assignment, dropping my overall grade to a 78%. Unlike my studeous years in high school and college, this actually bothered me to the point that I contacted my professor today to inquire on what I did wrong. It turned out that she was in the middle of grading and it hadn’t been posted yet.
Fascinatingly enough, when all was said and done, I did receive all the points. For the first time that I can recall I actually am holding a 100% after three weeks (halfway through) in the class. That also means I’m halfway to the point of getting my teaching license back. It’s alright to consider the grade trivial, but for one reason or another, it actually means something to me this go-around.


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