Mobile Minutes: Fighters

Dozing in and out heading home (don’t worry, I’m not driving) for the night. I can say that I’m absolutely wiped out, and for all the right reasons.

A few weeks ago a teacher at work prompted me with a question: Would I be willing to produce and demonstrate a persuasive speech to all the 7th grade students in the school?

Without a second thought I gladly agreed to take on the challenge, even though it has been ten years since I had, had such a task.

Today, palms sweaty and knees rather weak, I took the challenge of giving a prepared persuasive speech to a total of 300 seventh grade students over the entire day. Thankfully most of them understood my jokes, and also missed a ton of the foolish errors that I made. Personally, if I was grading myself out of five stars I would have given myself two, but that’s besides the point for the reason of this story.

What was more interesting (and equally terrifying) was the last go-around of this presentation. It was easily the largest group of seventh grade students and right before I started in on the ‘rant’ I saw five people walk into the back of the room…
…6th grade science teacher with a pretty massive speech/debate background that’d make me blush…
…an assistant principal…
…another assistant principal…
…the head principal…
…the school’s curriculum director…

Suddenly there were adults coming in for the show and one of them recorded the entire presentation on their phone. I nearly lost my lunch when they stepped in; imagine your boss randomly walking in to your presentation. Yes, you would want to cry also. I did my best, and walked out absolutely wiped. It was on my way out that the librarian…yes, the librarian…caught my ear with the following statement:

You’re welcome. I thought since this was so good that the administration needed to know what you were doing up here all day. Additionally, they need to know what you’re up to so that we can get you into a classroom.

Ironically, it was at that point that I was speechless. I politely said thank you and made my way out the door to my class for the afternoon.

That moment is exactly why I’m in love with this school. Everyone in that building (to my knowledge) is ‘fighting’ for me to stay in that school and to get a classroom. I’d like to note that at this point I’ve been informed that currently (February) there isn’t a position for my upcoming certification available. However, there isn’t a day that passes that a teacher, custodian, librarian, or student says something along the lines of “can’t wait to see you in a classroom next year”. While there’s still the undying patience of waiting for a spot to open, I can’t really express the heart warming sensation of knowing what so many people have done for me over the past year. I can’t think of time (outside of working with missionaries) that I’ve been around so many compassionate, caring people. Truly, I’ve done nothing to deserve this kind of blessing and for a change I welcome to added pressure.

From random text messages, to instructors screaming in the hall last fall, to even the librarian making a phone call…it’s humbling to watch what people are willing to do for each other. My only prayer is that I’ll be able to repay all the debts of kindness that I’m currently accumulating.


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