XXXI: High Hopes

I feel like I have to type something, but nothing is really coming to mind. I’ve slept for the majority of the past day, and I’m starting to feel a little more human. I suppose life just tends to wear on you that way.

Darco is running Sunday School for little kids, MC and Jim are in their respective class, and I’m just waiting for the snow to fall. Valentine’s Day, while I still despise it, was a success yesterday with my wife. Incredibly, we’re both on a three day weekend. It’s the first time we’ve had this many days alone, together since we were married.
I suppose at the moment life is about planning, prayer, and patience.

-Darco’s first attempt at a half-marathon in Pittsburgh in May
-Our first 5K race in March down in the city
-My first mile road race in Arizona in July
-El Salvador in July?
-We’re moving in May. It’s set in stone. I’m anxious…and nervous.
-Darco has been placed in charge of a store for two months. After those two months have passed they’ll review with her for her promotion to store manager.
-We’re working around the clock on student loans, and we’ve learned that we may have options since I’m a student again. It would be a blessing.
-Health. While we continue to push to be active and eat healthy, we’ve been nailed with injury and illness. Two weeks in a row we were out due to the seasonal cold. I’m off my feet again because of my Achilles, resulting in doctor visits again. We’re trying, but we’re taking some knocks along the way.
-Make no mistake, I love my job. However, I’m trying to be patient waiting for a teaching position to open up. I’ve already made my intent clear to the principal, so now I just wait. It’s hard because everything about education is surprisingly addictive. Unfortunately I’m limited on what I can do due to my “clearance level”.

I suppose that’s life in a nutshell. Figuring out adult life isn’t easy, and isn’t always fun. However, time and time again God comes through and takes cares if us.


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