Mobile Minutes: There Will Be Anime

This is enough to make an ELA teacher cringe…

Here’s the problem about taking a course on classroom management and curriculum without having a classroom…you get a ton of ideas of what you want to do in your own classroom (that you don’t have).

Today’s example: I was thinking about the walls within a classroom. As a student (and a sub) I hated all the cheesy, poorly laminated posters that showed Garfield, or some other random animation that students didn’t understand, talking about using your brain, listening, etc…As I said…boring.

What I hope I can do is something that’ll be a bit more entertaining inside the classroom. After watching, talking, and hanging with students I’ve come to realize that similar to myself, Japan’s anime and manga is a current trending theme of enjoyment for people. Not only in the realm of watching and/or reading, but also in the form of drawing. Noting that, that’s the case I think it would be pretty cool if the classroom rules, motivational posters, etc..were constructed for the classroom in the form of anime illustrations. Additionally, thanks to specific group-share sites out in the internet, I can quickly find an artist who enjoys this field and with the appropriate guidance can create the images for me.

This would be so cool…


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