My professor just sent me a message on the final project I turned in on Monday…


This would mean that I finished the course with 101/102 points (99.01%). A few things happened with this news:

1. I can finally get my teaching certificate renewed
2. I can take my state sanctioned test for middle school understanding and instruction
3. I’m going to begin my Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction

Yes, that’s the highest collegiate score I’ve ever had after a final.

God’s looking out for sure.


One response to “#getyourpraiseon

  1. I would say so! Despite the many set backs I have had this year things are coming along nicely. Hope to close on the house in KC this Friday.

    I am learning to live a new life, without my Carmen. It is hard but I have been doing LOTS of reading on grief and am beginning to understand my own feelings.

    Thanks for your prayers and I will keep praying for you and your loved one.


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