Mobile Minutes: No Touching

True story…
For several reasons I have a “no touch” policy, not just at school, but in life as a whole. Darco is the only one that I’m alright (obviously!) with the exception.
As a male teacher it was something that was beat into my skull as a student in my undergrad.
Don’t make physical contact with any student…ever.
This morning, one of my students (I confess, I have favorites) came downstairs and told me they were moving…today. It’s sad when the fun ones leave, and this was no exception. They hung out with me for twenty minutes prior to school starting, and asked me where I’d be around 9:40 AM (when they were leaving). I told them where to find me.
9:30 AM came by while I was walking down the hall and I saw them walking towards me.

Mr. D, my grandma is here to pick me up. I’m leaving. Could I have a hug?

Today, I went back on my commitment, I ignored my professors of the past, and I hugged a sobbing student.


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