Mobile Minutes: Sleeping Easy

It’s 9:00 PM and I’m just now rolling into homebase.
I’m already struggling to stay awake.
In the recent weeks I’m transitioned my training from many, many miles to a completely different setup. A few days I disappear for a while, but most days I’m on the track. It turns out that I was actually running too much for the events that interest me. It’s more about frequent bursts versus long, drawn out pacing (I’m not a pacer). This means short bursts during training (I.E. 6x300meter sprints).

I can say that after today I’m learning more about my body. First, I can tell when I’ve hit a point of exhaustion. My brain will be screaming to move, but my legs…just won’t. They won’t budge. It’s my body telling me that it’s hit an important threshold. Second, I have heavy legs. After training it’s a struggle to get up the stairs to our apartment. My legs are just cooked. Third, not every pain is an injury. My knees hurt afterwards, almost to the point of tears. That’s simply because the connecting tissue of my quad isn’t relaxing, it’s too tight. That doesn’t require surgery or time off, it simply means to stretch appropriately and learn to love a foam roller.


It isn’t easy. This stuff is hard, and it makes me feel old. However, with this new system I’m not just moving, but I’m learning.

…and sleeping soundly…



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