XXXI: Burning Desire

It burns.
That’s the best way I can describe it. It’s almost a point of frustration internally. I keep knocking around this “digital church” thought, and I get excited each time I contemplate it. However, I’m still waiting…trying to be patient.

Interestingly enough, of all posts, my initial thoughts on the Millenials garnered the attention of at least one person at school. They actually spoke of it in agreement in the hallway. The only thing it conveys is that people are indeed looking for something that doesn’t include being looked down upon by today’s church.

It stirs my soul. Something that isn’t as frequent as it used to be (that’s on me). The standard church is like the education system, it fears “evilness of technology”.

Has anyone ever contemplated the “evilness of the church”? Go with me on this thought…

Then initial thought is that everything that man touches has the ability of being used for good…or evil. The obvious example is the harm that can come from technology. However, the same can be said for a church body. Gossip, judgement, greed, hypocrisy, etc…all things that can damage the church. We’re so quick to point out what we’re fearful of, but we don’t acknowledge the damage we’ve created for generations. Everything around us has the opportunity to be used for or against God’s kingdom.

This is why technology doesn’t come across as evil to me. I’ve seen evil in the church, and I’ve seen technology used for good.

Instead though, of deeming what’s evil and not, we should instead identify the intent of our own heart. Truly that dictates the integrity of the individual.

Here’s a vision that I thought would be pretty neat:

Imagine, a digital church with a physical location in major cities throughout the nation (world). They function as digital hubs to reach the community of which each is installed. They function as a social aggregate, not as a substitution for a functioning, Christ-breathed church. However, it’s there as a digital resource because it easily connects with the human element, now found online. Each location could reach out to community events, mission trips, and just life in general. It’s a social opportunity to daily, instantly remind people ththatat they are loved.


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