Mobile Minutes: Showtime

I went to school today, but really I didn’t…

I was blessed with my first opportunity as a social studies teacher by attending a meeting about our district’s seventh grade social studies curriculum.

Here’s the deal: we don’t have one.

The district has been at odds with the proper content for seventh grade instruction (teaching geography by region vs by theme). Today all the district seventh grade social studies teachers gathered to resolve the issue heading into the 2015-2016 school year.

The resolution went something like this:

Teacher A: I like teaching by region.
Teacher B: I like teaching by theme.
Teacher C: Do we have to do either?

By lunchtime the group had destroyed the curriculum for seventh grade. Instead, out of its ashes, arose a new concept. Teaching content based on the topic of humanities. Teaching units would be based on culture, conflict & resolution, human rights, and resource distribution. Within each unit we’d explore timely topics, global locations, and how we (students) are affected by the global society. Needless to say my mind was on fire! It’s fun being in your element, and not forcing yourself to be excited about a topic.

How cool is that? 7th grade students getting tastes of humanities, sociology, and a unique blend of geography?

It was my first experience as a teacher. I watched a district curriculum be destroyed and resurrected. I’m already pumped.


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