XXXI: Through The Motions

I can’t even express to you the struggle of motivation that i’ve faced throughout today. In some instances Saturday’s are the best, but in others they are the absolute worst. Waking up late, snacking on random chocolate pieces throughout the apartment, and catching up on past television shows.

All while knowing that I need to go to the gym, get my daily run in, lift weights, and as some older generations have stated, “blow the stink off of me”.

It’s just hard to get going.

Yesterday, while my physical therapist was treating my Achilles, we discovered a new problem on the opposite leg. I’m assuming it was due to favoring the Achilles that has led to the development of planter fasciitis on my right foot. Primarily that means that the bottom of my foot, especially near the heal, tightens up with lack of movement to a painful point. Waking up in the mornings is always the worst due to the pooling of blood in my foot at rest.

It begins to ask the simple question: Am I ever going to be able to run at 100% without injury? I don’t know. I’ve never had this many problems in my body at once, but I’ve also never trained this hard in my life. I’ll just continue the motions of movement, eating, hydrating and resting.

Similar to life itself though, the rest is waiting and trying to observe the concept of patience.

The next two months are going to prove to be interesting, and like the overall theme of life as of late, require a lot of patience. Think of it this way…
In August I’ll start school, that means I’ll be teaching in my own classroom throughout the weeks. I’ll be a certified (certifiable) teacher, life is pretty self-explanitory. Darco will be promoted to the full time position of store manager for her current location (three miles north of my school), so that means her work life is rather cut-and-dry as well. Towards the end of August the pay will catch up with the work, and we’ll have three months to do some serious damage in the debt-clearing business. In November, outside of deer hunting season and Thanksgiving Break (hmmm…that’ll work out nicely), we’ll be finally moving out of our current location and residing into the city life south of where we’re currently stationed. This means by December we’ll be in our new location, bills will be caught up, ‘adult jobs’ will be in full swing and life will be…normal?

That leaves the awkward summer months. I have school training for at least seven days during the summer, plus new teacher orientation in August. On top of that, the seventh grade social studies teachers in the district have decided to rewrite the curriculum. As you could imagine that’s taking up some time and will easily spill over into the summer months (paid time though, that’s cool).

I just feel like stagnation right now. I’m going through the motions to survive the end of the school year, something that I’ve learned isn’t an easy task. I rarely see Darco through the week due to work schedule, and if I do either one of us tends to be so exhausted that all we want to do is sleep. I’ll be frank, it isn’t fun right now. Life isn’t that enjoyable, but I tell myself it’s the work we have to go through in order to enjoy the better moments that are coming.

Either way though, still pray for better attitudes and calmer weeks.


2 responses to “XXXI: Through The Motions

    • Thanks, love. You’re absolutely right. This weekend was a pleasant experience of trying to focus on the positive intent on life versus the reality that surrounds us. Here’s to being grateful!

      P.S. How’s the Lake of the Ozarks region?

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