XXXI: Fresh Start 2.0

What if we got our Christmas present early this year? We can grab it on Black Friday probably…

Thankfully, I’m still in awe at how good God is to us, especially considering that none of us deserve any of His grace. It’s been an adventurous, heart warming past couple weeks for Darco and myself. As noted in the earlier post, I was offered a teaching position at the school of my dreams for next year. I gladly accepted. Darco’s review for promotion was yesterday, and again I’m humbled to report that she also was promoted to store manager of her Starbucks location in the city. These are both major changes for both of our careers, each of which we hold delicately and passionately.

Incredibly, as expected, it drastically affects our lives outside of work as well. My summer is nearly full already between a trips and service days to get the school year ready this fall. We’re praying that the amount of hours Darco has been logging will actually decrease now that her position is official with her company; giving her some much needed rest.

Frankly, with these sudden, God-breathed events, we’re looking at our own fresh start into the world of being ‘adults’. Our goal of being debt-free before Christmas is completely feasible, we’re finally going to be able to relocate into the city, and as the quote from a discussion piece earlier this week indicates, we’re finally going to start to look more like a family and less like college-kids. It’s an exciting time for us; when I accepted the teaching position the blood pressure for Darco dropped nearly twenty points in a twenty four hour period.

Personally, it makes me soul so happy to receive messages from her about what God’s doing in our lives. Sure, we’re still working on the whole ‘He’s with you in good and bad time’ concept, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. Maybe it’s the biology working inside of me, but settling down a bit doesn’t seem that bad nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, traveling, missions, and all sorts of other goodies are at the top of list of life, but having a steady job that goes into retirement years later, a city that we’re comfortable in, and overall peace of seeing God take care of us after a rather rough couple years. A fresh start really is a nice thing to see.

I may regret this next part, as many may hold it against me, but partially due to the people I’ve been around in the past year, there’s a small…and I mean small…part of me that’s thinking of the next two years. I can’t look Darco in the eyes and say that we won’t have an addition to our family within the next two years. Sadly, I admit defeat and I’m beginning to understand what people mean when they say, “We just knew it was time.” Does that mean now is the time? Nope! However, between new additions to our home church group, a mentor teacher that just had her first, and sharing a classroom this year with a first time mother…*sigh…some of that stuff begins to rub off on you.

We’re blessed; somehow Darco and I have both wound up in industries that we completely love. She’s sold out to Starbucks, and I’m finally eating my slice of humble pie while admitting that I do enjoy teaching. The light that we’ve been watching at the end of the tunnel is finally here, and…as insane as it may sound; we get our own fresh start.

Version 2.0


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