Mobile Minutes: Summer Plans

Already, I’ll confess, I’m counting down the days until summer vacation begins. It’s not that I don’t love the children, or that I’m sick of school, it’s just this whole ‘teaching thing’ caught me off guard and I’ve struggled to appropriately acclimate to the environment.

This is primarily the case when it comes to training and running. Timing and energy are two big components of successful training; lately I’ve lacked both.

My doctor keeps telling me to listen to my body and know when i’m out of energy. Frequently when it feels like I’m running through quicksand, that’s when i’ve finally tapped out. As it turns out, to no surprise, this tends to be the case during the days of Monday-Thursday. Upon further review it was painfully noted that I’m in school during those days also. This caused my more strenuous training sessions to be on the weekend, time lost during the week, and advancement and goals not being met.

All of this makes sense when I think back to it.

The beauty of summer isn’t just the fact that there are races going on throughout the months. It’s also the opportunity to reset. I haven’t had a summer in my life where I’ve been in training as in-depth as I am currently. Getting up at 5:30 AM for work negates that long distance run in the mornings that my body is missing out on. Summer vacation knocks that out. I can also reset my cookbooks, study on health science, and also have more energy to spend on the track and in the gym. Frankly, it’s a good thing. There are a couple goals that I hope to pull out of this summer:

  • Successful races. I’m not suggesting winning anything, but my first ever mile races are in July. I hope through maintaining the physical workload I can at least put up solid times.
  • Successful eating. This is the first summer that I’ve ‘had off’ since I was a student…in high school. These two months will be a great time to better understand food consumption, eating habits, and how to eventually prepare for cooking for a whole family throughout the week.
  • Successful resting. Sounds strange, right? I’m horrible about knowing when the rest and how to rest. That doesn’t mean sleep all day, it means knowing how to hydrate the body, stretch, and get rid of muscle pains from training sessions.

I firmly believe that this summer is going to be a great period in which I can remove myself from the current workload and reset. This exact reason is to why I’ve been taking the training rather light in the past couple weeks. I’m getting my workload in, I’m running a few races, but primarily I’m repairing, rehydrating, and readying myself for the summer training routine.

That’s something that I’m rather excited about.


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