Mobile Minutes: Moves Like Jenner

Similar to so many other blogs inside the world wide web, I don’t tend to go off into political/current events with opinions too often. It’s more boring than anything else, but I also tend to dislike the strong distaste of viewpoints in this collectively screwed up world that we’re all strapped onto.

With that said, I must admit that this ordeal with Mr…Mrs…Ms…Jenner is rather rocking my brain at the moment. Part of me doesn’t understand the whole “heroic complex” that he’s been labeled with for randomly deciding that he’s a she, not a he, and demonstrating it through reconstructive surgery. Up front, I don’t understand any of that, and my brain isn’t really programmed to understand it either. I just eat popcorn and watch the show unfold.

However, the part that I can’t seem to get over, comprehend, and definitely agree with is the sudden transition from being a person to acting on level with God. That’s where the alarms go off in my head. The context based off scripture is that God made us in His image, and He pretty much knows everything…like…everything (and then some). If that’s the case then based solely off scripture (because basing life off of that tends to be rather entertaining, and super hard) there’s an immediate conclusion that can be made:

God doesn’t make mistakes.

Even in the hardest, most frightening moments of our own lives, we’re still expected to believe that God doesn’t make mistakes. We’re here to accept that He has a master plan, and that everything is going to work out. If that is the case, and God’s word is inherently true to its entirety, I have an alarming conclusion…

Bruce Jenner is wrong.

*dodges tomatoes*

There isn’t a mistake in the man’s creation; he was designed for a specific reason and that reason wasn’t for him to lash back, stating that God is wrong through action, that God made a mistake in gender identity when weaving together some chromosomes, and that he needs to be able to establishment himself above in order to set the record straight on who he really is.

Truly, if you’re not a Christian, take this piece in whatever way you’d like. You may agree, disagree, etc…The strong likelihood is that we’re not going to agree, but that doesn’t mean I hate you.

However, if you’re a Christian, and you don’t like what you just read. I can suggest a 1000 page book that’ll greatly assist you in finding truth. Frankly, similar to my recent “XXXI” post, I’m not here to wage war with non-Christians. I’m here to live with them, love them, and never put myself higher in priority than them. What I am here for is to ensure that all the lovely souls that claim the “Christ-love” realize reality, accept it, don’t debate, and in the end call a spade a spade. Committees, boards, and teleconferences aren’t needed by churches to display their thoughts on topics such as Jenner…Biblical knowledge absorbed by the ‘body’ should be enough. Sadly, in so many cases we’re quicker to turn on the news then consult truth.


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