XXXI: #Sike15 Part VI

You know those days where your head is so congested that every time you stand you get a taste of what vertigo is all about?


This random cold, probably obtained through exhaustion, has kept me seated most of the day. I’ve gotten up long enough to get coffee, prepare dinner, and move some dirty clothes around. That’s about it. My day has been ended, so I’ve spent the remainder of it on the couch working on messages and emails from the previous week.

Mission accomplished.

Those were the words pacing through my brain as the paved lanes passed before me heading back into the comforts of my home last night. As stated in earlier messages during the recent mission trip, I had high hopes of rekindling my love with the thing that hurt the most in spiritual warfare, damage, etc…being mission minded and having fun.

It’s such a blessing to know that God held close to His word and ensured that I walked away with that exact feeling. Whether it was moving the mulch in the crazy heat, giving out free snow cones, or just talking with the local church goers of the community; everything felt right.

Personally, my highlight from the trip came on Thursday morning.

The music leader at the church we were working with stopped by the park that we were hanging out at. He sat down next to me and we just shot the breeze for a bit. His ‘friend’ is currently international as a missionary, so it was a timely topic to discuss. However, as we continued to speak, the question he asked me completely caught me off guard:

What do you do to get a church ready for missions?

Now, I can easily say that there are fifteen different directions that you could answer that question. However, I was more perplexed due to this man asking my opinion on growth of a mission oriented church. I don’t know why he chose to speak with me on the topic, but I engaged to the best of my ability. Maybe within my own personality there was a resonation that the man picked up on, and decided to discuss the topic, thinking that perhaps I knew the answer (by the way, I didn’t have the perfect answer).

Perhaps it was that moment right there, or maybe it was a culmination of the entire week. So much spiritual trust was delegated to me over the entire week by the crew that I was with that I was alive, but relaxed at the same time.

We had fun together, so much fun that we're shipping Darco to another country.

We had fun together, so much fun that we’re shipping Darco to another country.

I actually led a devotion in the morning during the week. Can you believe that? Neither can I! I was actually pumped out of my mind to be able to do something along those lines. They used to be so casual and ‘normal’ for me that it wouldn’t even be a second thought. However, it’s been so long since that time, this sensation felt entirely new and entirely real. I was able to humor youth, mess around with them, and at the same time challenge them during the week; physically and spiritually. I could dream of future trips with the leaders for next summer, what would be done differently, what would be the same. I read books in the Bible; full books, something that I hadn’t done in ages. I fell in love with the book of James because of his stance of stating, “Put your money where your mouth is” when it comes to actions being dictated by faith. In other words…don’t be lazy with what you believe.

A fire was rekindled, and for the first time in…nearly ten years…I felt normal. My heart was beating, my soul moving, and people appeared to be desirable. I wanted to interact, engage, and be a part of society. That means the world to me to feel that way. I sat on a park bench Thursday night watching the world go by, and finally felt close to God.

I suppose, for as much as I preached against it for years, it was nice to get that ‘spiritual high’ again. Sikeston XII (PS)

So, now what?

We’re already beginning the preparation for Darco and her trip to El Salvador in the coming weeks. It’s hard to see her go for a while, but I know the experience is going to be awe-inspiring. I’m back at school four of the five work days next week (crazy!), and that thrills me out of my mind. My prayer is that through engagement of so many people in this previous trip, namely youth, that I’ll be more inclined to have open discussions with people at my church. I’ll confess, I bolt for the door as fast as I can most Sunday mornings. Along those lines, and I have absolutely no idea what this even looks like, I hope I can continue to engage with the youth of our church. We only had seven youth on this trip. That breaks my heart knowing how many could have gone. Again, maybe I’m stepping out of bounds, but I hope that door opens. It coincides with the whole teaching thing, but I could easily tell from this trip that I love hanging out with the next brilliant, young minds of this planet.Sikeston I (PS)

Outside of all of that…I don’t know. I want to build something. I’m not sure what, just something digital, real, and live. We’ll see. Perhaps it’ll be the addition to a digital classroom extension, or something for a youth group, or something for a church. I don’t know.

I just know that it’s great to feel alive again.

#Sike15 Series:


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