Mobile Minutes: Scaredy Cat

Quiz question:

Question: What’s one of the quickest ways to break the heart of your wife?
Answer: Lose her cat.

Darco left for work around 3:00 AM this morning. While I was still in my NyQuil induced sleep I had no idea the events that were unfolding until I awoke again at 11:00 AM. Somehow, someway our houdini of a cat (aka ‘the dark one’) managed to slip out of our only door and out into the wild blue yonder.

I’m used to waking up to a cat covering my legs, and this morning I awoke to silence. Now, it’s not uncommon for him to sleep under a blanket somewhere in the apartment all day without making a noise. That was my assumption.

That’s until I came home around 9:00 PM with Darco discover that there was no oversized, lanky furball greeting us at the door.

Something was wrong.
‘That dark one’ was missing.

We searched the entire apartment (that’s not really saying much) before starting to set into our minds an unusual fear…he may have gotten outside. We searched outside for about thirty minutes, while the sun is setting, calling his name out, and slowly watching my wife cave into a borderline state of crazy.

After being unsuccessful in the attempt, we stepped into the apartment and I held my wife for about thirty minutes. These are the ‘small things’ they don’t teach you about being a husband. Figuring out what to do when a pet runs away/leaves/dies that your better half is extremely attached to. Darco went on to bed, feeling lousy because she acknowledged that it was her who left the door open long enough for him to escape this morning.

Once she fell asleep I stepped out, sat on the concrete wall, and just watched the woods while drinking my coffee. Wouldn’t you know it…about ten minutes passed and this mini-mountain lion looking creature is staring at me across the parking lot in the trees.


It was a half whisper/half yell. He meowed and crawled under my truck. By that time I was already at my truck digging him out from under the contraption. This goes down in history as one of the few times I’ve grabbed that cat by the scruff of his neck. We went back inside, him partly covered in mud (he had been out in eighty four degree heat, three thunderstorms, and some wind as well). Darco didn’t hear us enter into the apartment, so I placed the cat on her in the bed.

You would have thought it was Christmas. The woman opened her eyes, nearly cried, and almost suffocated the cat in the hold that she had him in.

So there you go. That’s how a cat gets lost, gets found, and in the end the husband does his major act of good as a husband.

…now off to the vets for a bunch of shots since ‘the dark one’ got into it with something outside…


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