XXXI: For The Ladies

This is for the ladies…

To pull an old adage from church camp, “This has been something that’s been on my heart”. It has been for some time, but I’ve been hesitant to say anything about it due to the multiple based and biased opinions that could resonate with the thoughts that I have been thinking over the time.

However, unapologetically I feel that it is my responsibility to get some text out in the open for everyone to see.

Ladies, your guy is a fighter, and if he isn’t…there’s a bigger problem at hand.

Here’s what I mean. To be honest, coming from the male perspective, we are visually driven creatures. God made it so with Eve and Adam seeing her for the first time, we’ve got an entire book in the Bible talking about visual illustrations of a woman, so why can we honestly be surprised at this notion?

We can’t.

Unfortunately, like so many other things to stem from creation and transpire into the modern day, we’ve corrupted what once was, and have tarnished it red into the present day what is.

In many instances it would almost suffice to say that being blind as a male would make life a tad easier on the soul. It isn’t so much the fact that men are notorious (some are) for hooking up with other women outside of their own marriage, but it’s sadly what takes place in the mind. The mind is hidden from the world around, so only you (…hehe…and God) know what’s really transpiring in there. As a male who is guilty of adultery with the mind, allow me to say, it’s rather scary what can go on “when the blinds are closed”. Ladies, we’re fallen creatures and the devil has our number. He knows that we’re suckers for lust and all things that look nice and shiny. It’s sad but it’s the heartfelt truth.

Now that we’ve established this cold, dark reality. Let’s dive more into the guy that’s the warrior. Gals, you may know it or not, but your guy is constantly in battle throughout the day. Danger places such as work, the gym, and just about anywhere inside the digital world, seek to destroy the spoken vows that you listened to on your wedding day. This is something that goes on…every…single…waking…day. However, while the temptation exists as long as the lights stay on Las Vegas, that doesn’t mean that your husband has fallen into the same trap over, and over, and over. It means that he’s chosen not only to follow God and his vow to you, but that he’s chosen you over the world. Wrap that around your mind; that means out of billions of temptations (literally), he’s chosen to overcome them specifically for you.

This is what we call dedication.

There’s a strong likelihood that he’s afraid to even bring up the reality of the temptation because he fears your reaction (personal experience speaking). However, I encourage you to instead of looking at the existence of the temptation, that you look towards him in appreciation that he’s fighting each day for both of you. Remember, there’s the bit of saying women submit to your husbands, etc…but there’s also the bit of saying that men should treat their brides at Christ does the church (hint: He died for the church as a sacrifice). I’m coming to learn that, that sacrifice doesn’t always mean the literal death, but in many ways the death to oneself. That means being able to walk away from the temptations and pleasures of the world, and instead rest in knowing that he’s set on one beautiful woman.

That’s kind of a big deal.

Perhaps I’m just spouting nonsense on the topic. I think we give credit to women who refuse to be the standard norm of makeup, questionable clothes, etc…but in many ways, maybe through being bias, we tend not to tip our cap to the men of marriage who are fighting daily their own battles…many of them in silence that you’ll never know about.


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