Mobile Minutes: Shifting Priorities

Sometimes the day just doesn’t work in our favor.

Yesterday I didn’t sleep well due to excitement, I was getting my school issued MacBook during a morning meeting. Upon arrival, way too early in the morning, I sat through two hours of ‘turning it on, and turn it off again’. It was a worthy sacrifice for the computer. However, what caught me off guard was learning that we had a second training meeting.

July 31, 2015.

Why is this date relevant? On August 1, 2015 I was to be racing in the Liberty Mile in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and spending time with some long, lost friends of yesteryears. Now though, with the information about my requirements as a teacher, I’m going to have to cancel that vacation/race. I’ll be the first to confess that my spirit was troubled when acknowledging that this was my reality. It stinks, I don’t want to come off as ungrateful for my job, because I’m pretty pumped about it. It’s just rough knowing that i have to report back this month instead of August.

Trip. Canceled.

Perhaps it was a God thing in the making though. Later in the day I had my checkup with my physical therapist. He’s been working on my achilles, right knee, and planter fasciitis. The great news is, as long as I stretch correctly, my knee and achilles have finally cleared up and are feeling great for the most part. The bad news is that my foot continues to get worse in pain. I told him that I’d had a couple nights of poor sleep because my foot felt as if it was on fire all night. This caused for a very…hard…conversation. Primarily he gave me three options:

  1. We’ll treat my foot through July with acupuncture, if it doesn’t get better…
  2. By August I’ll be off of it (no running) for 4 to 6 weeks, if that doesn’t solve it…
  3. It’ll be time for scans, images, and other tools to see if I’ve torn apart the tendons in the base of my foot.

This is nothing new, as a similar threat existed during the fall and winter of last year. As I told Darco last night though, this is really, really hard. I scratched my mile race this weekend due to my foot, the mile race is gone at the end of July, and I can just take this time as an opportunity to train and strengthen prior to September. Sadly, it’s hard waking up and ‘being broken’. It hurts your heart being somewhat frustrated doing what you love, and in many cases you don’t understand what in life you love until you can no longer do it. Personally, I’m praying that the sessions (they’ve been doubled up for the next two weeks) get the healing process moving. I’ll lighten up my sprinting sessions a bit to reduce impact and increase my stationary training a bit.

I can say that something is very wrong in my foot. Yesterday I had eight needles applied to the base of my foot. That’s the first time since rehabilitation for my shoulder (’03) that I’ve come close to crying from pain. The needles hurt, the area they hit hurt, “spinning” them hurt, and the rest of the night I was extremely sore. Even today my foot hurts a bit, but much of this is in the name of medicine. This kind of pain isn’t uncommon right after treatment, but it’s definitely an eye-opener for me (and the poor guests that could hear me screaming in the waiting room).

Outside of that experience…the wireless router fried at our apartment last night. That’s just a trivial little moment, but piled up is enough to drive some people nuts (me).

I’m trying to remain optimistic with this setback. I wish my body would just get it right and stop aching. I’m getting faster, I’m losing weight, and things are clicking. I can tell, but it’s pretty annoying to have things working right only to get derailed by your wheels.


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