Mobile Minutes: Jetplane

Strange sensation coming in the next twenty-four hours.

I’ll be alone for an entire week.
That means no wife for an entire week.
You want to talk about being scared?


Because of school obligations next week I had to humbly bow out of an opportunity to go with a mission team to the country of El Salvador for the week. However, potentially the most shocking thing witness for the year to date, was watching my wife step up and state that she’d like to go to El Salvador in my place.

Earth shaking cool.

So, we started praying, seeking, and trying not to stress out on the potential snares leading up to this adventure for both of us. It started with her getting her passport in record time. It was followed by ensuring that the financial obligations were met thanks to some awesome people. Finally, what hasn’t been mentioned much on here, is Darco’s mother. She’s been in and out of the hospital for the past several weeks. She’s having problems releasing the carbon dioxide buildup in her body. She wound up back in the hospital during the 4th of July weekend. This hurdle became a serious stress point due to Darco’s fear of leaving her mother, and not being able to be reached (like myself, she’s an only child). We learned yesterday that her mother would be heading to an in-patient physical therapy and rehab facility for two weeks. That’s during the time that Darco will be out of country. In other words; everything matched up. Finally, this morning we awoke to a random deposit of money in our bank account from my school district. We later learned the logistics behind it, but it still was an awesome surprise.

Now all that’s left is ensuring that she’s all packed up and is taken to the airport at the right time tomorrow morning. It’ll be her first time ever out of country, and her first international mission trip. Part of me is thrilled to see this because I firmly believe she needs this experience without her ‘security blanket’ being around (me). She’s with a great, strong team that’ll take care of her.

Fear hasn’t even come to close to creeping in (so far), but excitement for her is flowing through my veins.

Not to mention that right after seeing her off, I’m heading downtown for a great cup of coffee.


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