XXXI: Full Circle

I tried on several different occasions to record a video that demonstrates the current setting and situation that I’ve been in. However, between multiple cats, a malfunctioning phone, and well…time, I’ve come to the conclusion that the reality is, it’s better for me to write.

For those of you, the reader, who pop in and out of this site, you’ve known about my journey for the past four…going on five…years. It’s the sadly standard story of so many lives; lost, left, and praying for a second chance at life. Mine began with a divorce, financial collapse, and the utter helplessness and recognizing and accepting that I was all alone.

My, how the times have changed.

The point of this piece isn’t a recap as much as it’s an opportunity to demonstrate a dream coming true for myself:

Darco came to me late last week, explaining that one of her employees was in a really hard spot. They had left their home state after a nasty divorce that resulted in them losing everything. When my wife hired them she wasn’t aware that they had been living between churches in the community. After a few months of solid, good work (they are an exceptional worker) they were on their feet and going strong. However, life wasn’t perfect and debt still followed them like a plague. Last Friday they received an eviction notice from the apartment that they currently reside in.

Needless to say my wife, loving people, was devastated. I think it was part because of the situation, and another part of understanding to an extent what the feeling feels like. Darco went to her company for resources to assist this individual, I contacted our school district because their 8-year old child also attended one of our elementary schools. Meaning, we have several resources available also. Additionally, on Sunday we met with our house church group to see what immediate things we could do to assist.

To make a long story short, our church wound up covering the debt towards the eviction; preventing them from losing their home. Darco’s company is going to assist with financial needs also, and I’m still awaiting to hear from our school district representatives. Finally, as our house church group, we wound up making a list of things for solely the purpose of Christmas. This involved shopping for the small child.

Monday I wound up at IKEA with a shopping list in hand. Dry erase markers, chalk, drawing paper, and easel were all on my list (and readily available). Heading out of IKEA I saw a little, gray stuffed rabbit. It was so soft! For one reason or another, I grabbed the rabbit and took off towards the checkout lane of the store.

In the end, on Tuesday, we were able to present this individual with gifts for her child, gifts for her, and the wellbeing of knowing that she continues to have a place to call home.


Obviously, from reading, many things lined up as the ‘feel good’ Christmas story for a family that just needed some help and some extra love for this year.

Personally though, it easily meant 1000% more than just that.

While sobbing in my apartment, lights turned off, rain pouring outside in late June (that lost month) of 2011 I secretly prayed that I’d be able to survive my own disaster and hopefully pay this experience forward. While life was so miserable, I saw so many people come around me and ensure that I was safe and taken care of; physically, financially, and spiritually. There are moments in life that you don’t forget, that you cherish, and that you dream of one day doing for someone else.

I finally got that day four and half years later.

I can say that in this crazy time span; life has come full circle and through God’s own grace I’m now able to be on the giving side, assisting those in receiving.


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