Mobile Minutes: Wild Hair

We’re just always prepared for one of your wild hairs…

I’ve come to the conclusion that prolonged breaks from school is rather dangerous. It calms the mind, calms the world, and at the same time stimulates the psyche and causes one to wonder, “What should I do next”?

This is what MC always warns me about; wild hairs. ‘Wild hairs’ in her country vocabulary (next to ‘crick’ and ‘worshington’) means that someone gets that itch to do something crazy out of nowhere. Jim, MC, and Darco have all grown weary of my ‘wild hairs’ as they’ve resulted in some strange events.

However, after a long shower this afternoon and some thought, I think I’ve found a realistic ‘wild hair’ to venture into.

A book.

Many years ago I made mention that I dreamed of turning FilingThePapers into a book(s). Solely for the purpose of helping those who find themselves in strange situations. Sadly, it isn’t the divorce complex that catches so many people off guard. It’s the stranger (and sadder) idea of people who are to uphold such strong family values based off faith that wind up leaving the altar, the marriage, and having to readjust for their entire lives.

The big question is what happens when the squeaky-clean Christian messes up, and why don’t people talk about it?

I can only go off of (plenty) of personal experience over the past 4 1/2 years, enough that can be placed in text format. It’s built on the hope to inspire, motivate, and in some sense…persuade. Primarily to persuade those that are lost in their life to not give up. I can assure you that unless you’ve gone through a divorce yourself, there are some areas of the event that you can’t relate to for the individuals involved.

So, if I’m writing a book; what does that look like?

I have no clue.

I guess the key is to break up the book into chapters?

  1. Forgotten Wedding
    1. Story of wedding
    2. Point on special moments being forgotten
    3. Communication
  2. Broken Paradise
    1. Story about loose change for bills
    2. Misery for not having the ‘perfect life’
    3. Misguided intentions
  3. Fading Foundation
    1. Counseling Session
    2. Health & Fitness
    3. Anniversary
    4. Major Mistake
    5. Social Cues
  4. The End
    1. One Text to Ruin It All
    2. Counseling Session II
    3. Prayers & Fears (Bargaining)
    4. Penguin Keychain
  5. Alone
    1. Apartment
    2. Softball/Teaching
    3. Failure to Parents
    4. The Sheriff
  6. Switching Gears
    1. Subway
    2. No Teaching (foreshadowing)
    3. Moving
    4. Parental Love
  7. Redevelopment
    1. Finances
    2. Health
    3. Faith
  8. Rediscovery
    1. Church Body
    2. Acceptance
    3. Grace
    4. Travel
  9. Recovery
    1. Guatemala
    2. Purpose
    3. Dating

I don’t know if this is ‘how you write a book’, but at least it makes sense to me. Each chapter has a specific theme, a few stories as reminders, versus to support hope, and the lesson learned from each stage.

Either way; I think I’m going to write a book.


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