Mobile Minutes: For My Queen

Darco and I do not always get along. In fact, our personalities are so polarizing people either laugh at us, or suggest counseling.

We don’t mesh all the time, and backgrounds have a lot to do with that reality.

Today it was all about a bed…a stupid bed.

For two weeks now I’ve listened to my wife talk nonstop about the mattress that we just ordered. Everyday, for two weeks, she called the company to see if the bed came in. Today, three hours before our guests arrived, the bed came in.

With the assistance of Jim, we put the bed together in the bedroom. I went out to move vehicles, frankly thinking nothing of a bed. Sure, we’ve slept on a full bed for three years, but a bed is a bed in my book.

Stepping back into the house, still a bit fried from all the moving and prepping today, Darco came up to me beaming…after, shockingly, laying on the bed…

OK, this definitely is one of the top three happiest moments since being married to you. We have a bed!

Two things:
1. I’m not going to risk my pride by asking what the other two top three moments of our marriage have been so far.
2. Clarification: When I met Darco she was sleeping on a couch/day bed at her mother’s house. Most of her childhood she spent sharing beds with other relatives, or sleeping on couches at friends houses through her teenage years.

While it isn’t necessarily an iconic moment from The Blindside, there’s still power in knowing that my wife has received something that’s she’s never had before. It also demonstrates to me how spoiled I was growing up compared to so many.

So, in conclusion, I still have lots to learn about my wife. However, in this instance I’m glad something was received to bring joy to my queen.



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